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Dynamic stats don’t make any sense

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Bug Description:

Area is was found in: PvP arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- facing ego boosting Thor
Step 2 - swap to tryko before it hits
Tryko slows
Tryko goes resilient impact
Stats of Thor show 0 speed yet…
It rampages killing my tryko
Bring in TenontoRex… should be quicker
Stats show it’s quicker (screenshot) yet thor goes first (rampage not priority stun)
(add more if needed)
Same with Indoraptor gen 2
Stats keep showing 0 speed yet it’s quicker

How often does it happen: Too often

What type of device are you using:iOS XR

Anything else?


Ah yes the speed indicator bug.

No it’s not a visual glitch… it really went first

Hate this glitch. Stats are constantly not updating in time, and I’ve lost quite a few matches because I haven’t been able to see how much damage I’ll take.

The speed indictator is not working so the game is confused itself.

Actually resilient impact shouldn’t slow it down two turns… Yet the stats keep showing 0 speed. I just don’t get it anymore. Same with shields staying up until the next turn actually begins… now I have to count the amount of turns taken where before the shield disappeared at the end of the turn making sure you knew it was down

Resilient attacks slow for one turn only.

Oh? Okay, that’s weird, I thought they slowed down for one turn only. I know I’ve found some weirdness in turns (one that I’ve noticed is that using healing moves doesn’t count as a turn, so your opponent can keep a long invicibility shield up for about 4 turns should they do that).

I thought I saw a post about this earlier today but it vanished. I was looking for it because I’ve been having issues with dynamic text always being wrong also.

I typed quicker than I read. Updated my reply cause what I wrote didn’t make any sense either (it’s contagious! :slight_smile: )

Ardentismaxima only slows 50% right? So how come if I slow my opponent using deceleration rampage it shows 0 speed as well :woman_shrugging:t3: :woman_facepalming:t3:

Shields are bugged for SIA and non attacking moves (Bellow, Dig in, healings…). Those moves are not counted as attacks, so shields stays up one attack more. Use two non attacking moves and Orion can have LI up for 4 turns, then use LI again.

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True but also now they stay up and vanish as soon as you attack where before they vanished after your last attack. So now I pick an attack bypassing the shields, but as soon as I attack the shield is gone already an I could have chosen a different move. So I need to count, and having shields lasting forever if you don’t attack doesn’t make that any easier

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If your creature is faster and shielded, shield vanish when you attack (creature takes full hit). If your creature is slower and has shield up, shield vanish visually after you attack, but still shields opponents attack.