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E750 Is leaked!

So, On a Recent T.Rex Toy, The Little square that shows other creatures you can collect shows a creature named E750. I’m kind Of disappointed with the way it looks. It’s tail is tiny, And it’s head is carnotaurus-Shaped. These are two things I’m not a fan of, And also because We all thought it would look differently, and we also thought it had a scorpion tail… what do you think about it?

Here’s an image:

(I couldn’t get the tail, sorry. But the tail has spikes jutting out like psittacosaurus Feathers.


Anybody as any idea of his components??

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Who knows if we even get to know what he is. Lol imagine if E750 is the firdt hybrid creature that you can get without fusing anything


Skorpiovenator is a possibility, looking at the head shape and going by the name. Also I prefer it without a scorpion tail.

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Yep. I also thought that he somehow has abelisauroid dna since he has the classic head shape of that dinosaur family

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Looks like monolophosaurus is also gonna be appear there is a new toy image


I was hoping to see this dino somewhere! :heart_eyes:

But he could also appear in a future season. Remember ceratosaurus also appeared in season 2 although he was one fo the first confirmed dinosaurs for the show

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It doesn’t matter when but it has to come out!

This also means we get monolophosaurus gen 2

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I hope so!

Yes. They kinda look similar

For example on Jurassic World Dominion!

The design for allo gen 2 was canon so they had to copy it for jwa

Couldn’t they copy Gen 1?

Nope. The gen 1 allosaurus is a juvinile the gen 2 is a adult allosaurus so the gen 2 allosaurus will probably get coppied when allo gen 2 gets added

most likely indominus rex + something that gives the name scorpius such as scorpiovenator(giving a reason for the abelisaur head) I know how they could pull it off being an indom hybrid in jwa, but not sure in this game with it already having indoraptor

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I like this version of the e750. The picture at the top posted by Not_Spino looks like a larger version of indoraptor because of the colors

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