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E750 jurassic worlds 3rd official hybrid

As most of you probably know jurassic world camp cretaceous season 3 had it’s first official teaser yesterday. It didn’t revealed much of the mysterious dinosaur E750 exept a roar and it’s eye but as we know ludia E750 will definitely be a op creature like indoraptor was before he got nerfed


In this image, it is the eye of e750, which can be seen in the trailer for season 3 …


I will think for an indominus …

Everyone thinks it’s a scorpius rex, that’s ridiculous …

why’s it ridiculous? its possible

Yes, but that would be weird anyway … a hybrid mixed with a scorpion … it would be pretty cool a dino with a scorpion stinger after all …

The name doesn’t have to mean anything but who knows, I do hear high pitch indom noises in the roar and I think I’ve heard people talk about how its another indom hybrid of sorts, and its name may just be scorpius rex so it can kinda be both sort of


but… indom is white. this one is brown. and we already know that the sibling indom wasn’t around at this point in the lore. so it has a higher probability of being scorpius rex.

And then I think more about something more related to the film, like the prototype of the indoraptor or even the sister of the indominus Rex, because doctor wu was perhaps lying when he said that the sister of the indominus was dead…

But on the trailer, it was dark @Qiew

dark doesn’t make white brown.
it’ll be dark grey/ black, which this is not.

you never know … maybe it’s Scorpius Rex … or a new indominus rex … and besides … the light of fire can make white brown ???

There can’t really be a new indominous rex due to the lore of the franchise. if there was a frozen one somewhere, why didn’t Wu go get that DNA to make indoraptor instead of sending people into the mosa pool for a sunken indom? if there was a second live one on the island in World out in a paddock, how did it not escape or how did we not hear about it in the first place? It definitely would’ve been shown with the first one.

and fire wouldn’t make white brown. it would be closer to yellow or orange.

this cupolas is supposed to be white, because it is dark and besides with the light of the fire, the white is brown.

And then it may not be Henri wu creates e750 but (the other gars) suddenly Henri wu was not aware.

So I have the right to think what I want to think @Qiew.

Scorpius rexis just a unofficial leak so we don’t know if it’s actually called that way. But if it is correct it doesn’t mean scorpius rex is a hybrid with a scorpion. The stinger wich you talk about could be a way of the same bio engineering as in indominus rex wich had squid dna but scorpius is just probably the name and not an indication of dinosaur /scorpion hybrid

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It can. It could have been created before indominus or been the predecessor to indoraptor

ok @Altithorax_Perotorum then i expect both, although i still think for indo …

And if scorpius rex was actually a codename for a new indominus rex, I looked at the fandom wiki page, they say e750 is Scorpius rex, so I think that would be a codename for a new indominus. …