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E750 jurassic worlds 3rd official hybrid

I am honestly hoping that E750 will be an Erlidominus or something similar!

J’ai bien accroché à cet serie elle est super bien tourné j’espère que se sera pas trop extravagant mais beaucoup de curiosité à savoir la suite et pas trop imfortion sur le trealer et cool sa évite les réponse au question que l’on pourra se pauser

Translated from French

I stuck to this series it is super well shot I hope it will not be too extravagant but a lot of curiosity to know the rest and not too much imfortion on the trealer and cool its avoids the answers to the question that we can pause

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undoubtedly the best series in the world !!!

Impossible. Trevorrow already stated that he won’t have any more hybrids in his series of movies/shows. The most likely explanation would be a 2nd clone of a Spinosaurus.

I believe he said that about movies but no the shows

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Considering indog2 has the same coloring as there,I do not think that itt is indo g2.

They do look similar do they not?
if comparing with the eye of the icon,i might be wrong,which i am probably.image

My explanation about your posts above this one involves spoilers of sorts so if u want to avoid them don’t un blur

though its very much likely not an actual indoraptor, its basically an indoraptor with minor changes which is quite disappointing, at least that’s what the leaked toy images reveal, and she’s most likely too small to be another indom since she was able to fit in that “small” container thing, unless she’s a juvenile but I feel as though that’s unlikely

I've meant indominus,not indoraptor though

Oh I see, but like I said before, I can see it possibly being indom(gen 2 and or og indom’s sister), but now with the toy leaks, chances are very low

Didn’t indominus originally eat her?

yeah I think so, but I’ve seen some people that have speculated that was a lie

Or who knows,maybe they made another one and modified its’ genome so it looks like indom g2 but without the yellow stripes? hell if i know

yes its possible, may be one of Wu’s early prototype of indoraptor, may be another indominus, could be the 2015 indom’s sister and her death was a lie and covered up, could be a third indominus, who knows

thank you, @Snake_Dude finally a … snake that thinks like me

Well I’ve seen leaked images and he basically looks more like a massive indoraptor with a different pattern so that debunkes the secret indom theory. Who knows he even has the same genetic ingredients as indominus or indoraptor. He could be made from completely different animals

That looks cool but its giving me indoraptor vibes, but maybe thats a test of the first indoraptor.

the mouth looks like indominus gen 2.
Indom g2 and indoraptor hybrid?