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E750 jurassic worlds 3rd official hybrid

Its indo raptor

i’d call it indomiraptor

No,better to give it a real latin name,the…tenibrisosaurus!
which means dark lizard

or e750 is a spinoraptor, here is a proof

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Nope. He definitely isn’t a spinoraptor. Besides the leaks say he is called scorpius rex so that should debunk it

Spinoraptor would be awesome. Scorpius Rex could be a fake name to throw people off like ketchup and mustard for sector and cyrax in mortal kombat.

scorpius rex is an unofficial leak maybe it’s different than JWTG’s, they didn’t want to do it exactly the same, its files matter a lot in my opinion, it’s true what, I mean … people didn’t care Totally when browkleen said the words e750 in season 1.

this creature has a roar simmilar roar to the indomimus rex

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I also said that it could be indom, that day also I found that the noise was very similar

and me thinking that the indoraptor was already a prototype…

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maybe an earlier prototype, like wu’s first tests or trials with “superhybrids”, JWFK indor can be like, the near finished version of his work but still the prototype of that version,

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