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Each Story can only be played 5 times?

Am I correct that every story can only be played 5 times? The saves can not be deleted separately and service told me that resetting “all stories” would also reset / delete the purchases I made…

Why was this Topic moved to “Jurassic World Alive”? It belongs to “What’s Your Story?”…

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Lol! I thought there was something new I missed!

A dino version of that should be fun

Hey tudor69, you’re able to replay each story once you’re finished them but if you want to reset them, our support team would have to assist you further with that, please email them here at with your support key, and they’ll be happy to help you. There is also some information on our FAQ here that could be useful to you as well:

The Problem is not the lost story progress in other stories… But what happens to the “diamond” purchases I made? Your prices are too hefty to repeat them each time and for every story!

Sadly, resetting the game account would also reset the purchases you made on the game, but we recommend using the replay feature if you only want to replay a story.

Thanks for your honesty… for me this means of course that I will never make a single purchase again…

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Yeah, I have to agree. Being only able to play each story 5 times without losing your progress is a very bad idea, especially as time goes by and people want to replay stories in the future.

Other apps like this that I have tried let you restart as much as you wanted without losing purchases.

Hopefully this changes in the future as it is something that’s really discouraging me from making gem purchases.