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Eagle build ideas?

I’m close to getting the Unique Eagle lv 30 and I want to booste it but I’m not sure on how to build it
Hopefully we get a booste reset next update.

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Would love to see a picture!

Screenshot_20210504-213419_JW Alive

What you could do is either boost mostly speed and attack to make it focused on the counter attack or Health with some attack and a small amount of speed to make it tankier against fierce and potentially deliver more, albeit less powerful, counter attacks.

Here is a potential build.

Yeah I like the attack idea because it can boost its speed in battle.
But if it gets swop in ferocity I will definitely go that build thank you for the idea. @Cheeseeater

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It’s a fast counter attacker, so I’d say around 13/10/7, 6k HP, just and 1600 attack, and 141 speed.

Also JWA Toolbox still says Poukan is 123, what’s up with that

The field guide app has updated it.
Just letting you know