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Eagles and Edaphos Added to my Enormous Team

The latest addition to my ever growing level 20-21 team are the Haast Eagles and the Edapho’s. It was slow but I had nothing else to work on. I played the Eagle in one of the raid battles for the fun of it.
Now my focus is on Arctops, the speedy little revenge killer. It’s ready to bump to 15 when it comes out and I was happy to see Arctops as one of this weeks event creatures. That should help but don’t think it will get me to 20. I need 8000 DNA and if I dart well, I can get a good 4500 to 5000.
This is my ever growing team of 136 team level creatures. It’s time to go through and play them all again. Depending on what the tournaments calls for, it’s been great to have them all and so many at level 20.


Nice. I think haast gen 1 is getting a hybrid next patch, so I hope you have enough. Also do you have every common at 20, because I see some missing


I only have the commons that make the uniques except for Lythronax that I made early on this account to help with towers.

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