Earl Buff

Erlidominus needs a buff. Its pretty hard and time consuming to unlock so it deserves better stats.

I changed a few attacks and resistances.


I think it only needs more health and as a cunning, I don’t think it should be 100% resistant to deceleration. Also taunt resistance isn’t good unless it’s 100% and same with crit reduction.


Defiantly needs more hp and I honestly think revenge clock is better than revenge taunting cloak. Revenge taunting cloak taunts, cooldown of 3 and gives an additional 2.5x damage on revenge.

With revenge cloak it gives 3x attack on revenge which is better than 2.5x, it has a cooldown of 1 on revenge meaning that you can cloak after revenge cloak and after you attack. But without revenge revenge cloak just gives 2x attack with a cooldown of 3.

What I’m trying to say is that the revenge of revenge cloak is better than the revenge of revenge taunting cloak


I think he should have raid abilities

Needs a health buff and a new strike to replace minimal speed up strike.
Compared too erlikospyk who can double ramp and have 4200 base health with the same dmg stat.

But I don’t think it should have precise though, since queta was made to counter erlidom with the swap in dodge and long invincibility.

All his ingredients are global anytime so i wouldnt say it is super hard to get if you focus on it

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Still could get a minor health buff, like +200 or 300 health to make it a little better. It’s not much and not gamebreaking but at least it’s a small improvement.

I would like a buff for Erlidom. Rather than buffing his HP, maybe give him higher damage (1650 or so) and give him an On Escape, like maybe Pesky Alert or something similar, to make him a useful Glass Cannon. Maybe Change Distracting Impact into Group Distracting Impact as well, to give it some use in raids and against Flocks. As long as Erlidom doesn’t become OP with this buff, I’m cool with it.


Earl is good basically, I just want more hp for earl.
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I was thinking more along the lines of 3600 hp. I think that 4500 hp however is too much because of the amount of resistances, how speedy it is and how easy it is to get, it shouldn’t have past 3900 hp which is the health of magna.

I think 3900 is the best spot, but it needs more of a move change I think the only good move it has is revenge cloak.
Like rampage for a unique ain’t great
No other unqiue has a plain rampage.