Earl is Underrated

I just wanted to explain how underrated erlidominus is. Its honestly one of the best cunnings (Phororex is the best). Erlidominus have great speed, health, and decent attack if properly boosted. Its cloak and minimal speed up strike are really good. Honestly I think its much better then erlikospyx.

Can everyone stop replying to this post. I understand nobody likes earl.

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Erlikospyx has very good hp. Erlidominus is really frail. they have a 900 hp difference, spyx with 4200, erlidom with 3300


Erlidom is just too easily shut down IMO. Shields, Armor, and Dodge all punk it, and it’s very fragile. Its damage and speed are good, yes, but its health is not.

I personally disagree that it’s better than Erlikospyx. While Erlidom can potentially do more damage and has superior resistances, Spyx’s resistances and damage cycling are more than adequate, and it has the added benefits of substantially better HP and having options to deal with dodging.


Erlidominus used to be good but if it gets to turn 2, you have been lucky.


Did I just hear erlidom has great health? Lol, it has the lowest health of any unique besides andrewtops, which it still ties with. I like erlidoms design and plan to have it on my dream team, but it is nowhere near the best cunning


I stopped bothering with Erlidominus. It’s too hard to level up and way too easy to kill, unfortunately.


Usually when I get erlidominus I win 3-0

In which arena?

I am in aviary

One of the few worst cunnings actually… Too frail and dies nearly instantly, and not enough damage to get it that glass cannon title.

Only pre-buff Poukandactylus has had worse health than Erlidom, and it currently ties for worst HP of any Unique, along with Andrewtops. Andrew at least has a good kit and Armor to save it from being awful and give it a bit more viability.

Resilient Moves. That’s all I have to say.

Quite the contrary, in fact. Spyx is miles ahead of Erlidom. Explains why Spyx was in Tyrant Tier and best Cunning for months until more OP Resilients and stronger Cunnings came in, whilst Erlidom has been sitting at Elite Mid for ages now. I used Erlidom a bit myself whilst in the Aviary. I dropped it, of course, for Spyx.


I love erlidom but it’s not great at the moment in this current meta.
The revenge cloak is nice but most creatures can either remove it or just hit through it and one shot you.
I prefer the older erlidom when it could impact and run out. But honestly I think it needs a hp buff and maybe some new moves.


I’m in aviary and my team eats Erlidom for breakfast. Ever heard of Testa and Skoona?


I’m running a lvl 29 Erlidom in library. Sure she can get taken down by plenty but she can also 3-0 teams too. Speed seems to matter a lot in this current meta. If she can build up enough speed she can be a real concern!



-Weak hp which gets it killed too fast
-Turn 1 rampage is good but with all the armored dinos running around it shuts it down
-Dinos with dodge kill it
-Needs 1.6k attack to atleast make it a somewhat “useable” glass cannon


-Has great 3 turn cycling
-Can do a massive hit turn 1 and distract
-Can tank hits and isn’t killable turn 1
-has a precise attack which already puts it miles ahead
-is actually usable higher up

IMO Erlidom is nowhere near the best cunning and it gets killed off way too quick, yeah i might have not listed things up above but those are just the main things (I have been playing since the beginning lol)


I love earl but it has terrible hp. So much to the point I accept it will die in 1 to 2 hits either way so I went full glass nuke with just attack/speed on mine (15/0/10 at level 26)


Phorurat and TREBAX *

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It’s not that nobody likes Erlidom, they’re just explaining why it’s not as good as you say.


I used to love erlidominus. Unfortunately it’s been gutted with version 2.0.


I did like Erlidom. I genuinely do think it should be buffed, to be more of a Glass Cannon given a signature move and more damage. But, unfortunately, it’s pretty pathetic atm. I do apologize for being a bit harsh towards it, but I understand your appreciation of the thing. I liked it as well. It just… isn’t strong enough.

You’re not getting away with it that easily :wink: