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Early access broken and continued issues since update

I entered a ticket in game. My early access isn’t working. It took my money though.


I’m sorry to hear that, JaMo1982. If you had already submitted a ticket in-game, our team will try and get back to you as soon as they can.


Yes thanks Ned. I just hate that ill miss out on up to 300 trust points before the event goes live.


I also paid for it and don’t get early access & keep having game freezes in Alpha battles

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So I posted on a wrong message, meant to put in my post instead so hopefully it gets deleted in the other.

So keys and medals are a ridiculous compensation for what’s been going on. Clan rank, alpha chests, arena rank, win streaks are all affected. Then to be told sorry this is all you’re getting for future issues? No, unacceptable. I expect much better rewards. Alpha chests. A week’s worth of free alpha energy. Arena Trophies! Runes, and thousands of them. Come on Ludia, in getting ready to quit and cancel my flight club.

Same with me now. They took my money and I didn’t have early access for the event now.

Hey Mario_Angelov, if you haven’t already, could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key included in the email? Our team would be happy to assist you!

Hello Ned I send email to support team 2 days ago with the problem and till now I don’t have any answer or solution to the problem, no refunds to my money or any compensation…

Hey there, Mario_Angelov. It might take a little bit of time before our team replies as messages are answered in the order they come in. However, our team will definitely try their best to get back to you ASAP!

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your current email/message before our team responds, as that could cause delays in their queue.

Thank you.