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Early Access

Does anyone know when the Early Access feature is being added to the game ? Which was mentioned in the latest update notes.

Should be today but i would like to know how to subscribe it

It’s up

Button doesn’t work tho :sweat_smile:

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It comes with FC

I’m confused, I have FC, so is it free for FC members or only available to FC? and should the event be available now in early access, as nothing happens when I click it.

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Well, it’s available to all, but I think it broken, like what isn’t in this game

lol True, thanks for your reply

Hi @Ticken-Small! If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team here at so our team can take a closer look and help you. Don’t forget to include your support key, as it will help them locate your account faster.

Y’all are losing money because the button does not work. It’s not just 1 or 2 players it doesn’t work for. It’s a bunch of us. I already pay for 2 subscriptions. I’m fixing to cancel them both. Smh


@Ronald, @Ned, @Marcus it seems that the button for early access is not working for everyone…could you address it please before it is too late for early access?


Even a SillyYak doesn’t pay for this ridiculous idea of early access, let alone for such a weak dragon. Yet I’m constantly reminded how ironic the world is everyday.

Can anyone tell me what you are gonna do with this special dragon?

Arena? Sprit speed is too low to activate her ability before all other dragons are beat by Sawmaw and Toothless.

Alpha boss? Are you kidding me?

What else? Maybe a good dragon for repeated quests?!

I get it if you just want to collect dragons, but do you really have to pay for something you dont need or use?


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It really has nothing to do with the dragon or its abilities. It has to do with Ludia constantly releasing new stuff that doesn’t work. Bugs, bugs, :bug: .

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I will never know the button doesn’t work because I simply will never touch it, for the reason I described above.

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Still not working here, any update to this problem?

Button doesn’t work, time keeps ticking away, not going to be worth it soon. Please advise

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Not gonna lie I was actually thinking about buying it, but now I might as well wait for the actual event.

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I dont understand what is happening to the early access. I still cannot purchase the early access and the timer still says 1 day. Why cant we buy the early access?

I can’t believe people are thinking about buying early access. I swear people have zero common sense or ability to critically think.

Flight club is twice as much, gets you a full month, easily gets you 3 copies of event dragons, gets you close to 10,000 runes and countless other resources for only twice as much. It probably offers roughly 250x value. For early access you get 24 hours and literally nothing else??!?

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@TheDragonSlayer I am a fight club member and no it’s not free for those who are in the fight club and some people are trying to buy the early access because you know you don’t get enough time to get the dragon unless you have a crap ton of green gems and a crap ton of energy. Theres alot more then just meets the eye. So for you to say people have zero common sense or the ability to critically think is low. People cannot sit there all day and throw money at the game to get the dragons when they are available for 5 days. You have to wait almost 24hours to play the dragon events once you’ve started. So all in all the early access is beneficial for some people.

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