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Early on from what im seeing

They’ve made up for all the inadequacies of past characters by offering up Pikel with a host of abilities, very useful abilities.

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I do not have Pikel yet, but I don’t disagree. Some of the previous add-on heroes remain essentially useless (ie. Jarlaxle) I have not faced Pickle often yet, but I anticipate he may become a difficult hero to battle once opposing players have him adequately leveled.

Yeah, do not have him yet either. Forsee him being quite useful from what I have seen though.

Re: jarlaxle. Finding him more useful as I gear him up. Still somewhat situational perhaps, but have moved him into roster at this point. In a way it was easier when I found him useless because it is getting harder to decide who to leave out of roster.

Pikels death ward is even more annoying in PVP than the cleric. Death ward, kill, death ward, kill etc etc.

Not sure why you think Jarlaxle is useless but I always appreciate when an opponent seals their fate by ignoring him.


Perhaps he may be adequate with maxed equipment but without he is a complete dud. In my grouping, (players ranked between 50 and 100) very few, if any, include him on the roster. I never see him because he simply gets killed before he can become effective. Due to this inherent flaw, Ludia wont even risk putting him on the bot roster.

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This is so very true

I’m not sure what you see as different between Jarlaxle and any other new character who will by default start out much weaker than established characters until they level up and start to max out gear. In Jarlaxle’s case there is only one Legendary I even use (Portable Hole) so maxing his gear isn’t as cumbersome. I guess this is one reason they are doing the Warrior Drafts so that it is closer to Apples to Apples.

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What flaw? He has some good gear. Wasn’t hard to lvl up. I’ve only been using him dungeon grinding and in Rally because he’s still weaker ( only because he’s newer) than the others.

I do not have Jarlaxle, so my opinion is based on four factors.

  1. Other players disdainful comments. There are a few threads here and elsewhere which are very dismissive of Jarlaxle, even among players claiming to have well equipped versions. (Perhaps this is different among the top 20 players) Below is one recent example. This will point to some of his flaws.
    Opinion about jarlaxle

  2. He is no longer new, and almost none of the players in the pocket just below the top tier use him on their roster. I usually battle players ranked between 50 and 100 and face him in less than 1% of my battles. Also, newness is not mitigating factor as many of these players have the more recent heroes (fisherman and/or druid) on their rosters.

  3. On the rare occasion when I do encounter him, I simply eradicate him before he can boost and attack. [I believe the boost players apply grants dmg+ and stealth, but I am not certain] This is likely his greatest weakness.

  4. Ludia are unwilling to add him to the bot roster to avoid weakening the bot teams.

These reasons are the foundation my opinion of Jarlaxle is built upon. I suspect he might be somewhat useful for challenges and rallies (when there is time to boost him), but he certainly is not necessary for either. and he has not been beneficial for my PvP opponents. .

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Never noticed he wasn’t on the Bot roster. I used to avoid bots like the plague. Only now getting comfortable picking it as an option in PvP.

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Rally are monotonous and REALLY boring.

Also, cookie cutting content displays zero effort.

Jaraxle Grand entrance, I scooped him up at his FIRST grand entrance months ago.

Can you have multiple GRAND entrances?:clown_face:

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since it is just slapping branding on the same test of might marathon, it seems so.

Sure, You can make a Grand Entrance every time you walk into another room. I would think it would be exhausting though.

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I don’t know, maybe Grand for his first and second time. But by the 3rd and beyond, perhaps the in-game text should be changed to Jarlaxle’s Noteworthy Entrance

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It maybe noteworthy to you, but for a new player… He is entering for the the first time :slight_smile: But duly noted.