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Earn 150.000 coins every week for free! No cheat!


Hey everyone!

I want to share a great way to earn a lot of coins for free every week!

So far I have earned 150.000 coins!

The trick is to derank!

You start to use your lowest dinos to derank, until you reach around 3-400 arena points.

At that level you pick up some better dinos to guarantee your straight wins! (Please don’t use Uniqes or powerful legends!)

If you keep doing this, it could be a ton of money without to mutch effort. Aswell, you can use many other dinos from you library!

Good luck!


Stop being a part of the problem in arena by deranking and beating on lower people. I wish they"d do something about it.


Rename into “Trick how to be a huge arse to other players” :smiley:


How do you think people can upgrade their dinos to huge levels…???

If you started to do this from last summer you could have a great team of level 30s!


This guy thinking he just discovered deranking lmao where have u been the past 8 months


Or. Better name ” Use swap-in-rampage to get free wins and free money”


I’d rather have weaker dinos than troll lowbies…


What happens when those low level players quit and the player base drops? How special are you that you think your time is more valuable then somebody else’s?


I get about 25k of coins everyday just by spinning supply stops, and it is A LOT easier.


wow great investment. spend hours of your life losing thousands of trophies (that you spent hours gaining) while gaining no coins at all to eventually be able to earn virtual in-app currency :+1:


I wrote that players should use non powerful dinos.

If you switch set up and use dinos who are just 1 step before, I don’t see any problem. When meeting common creatures, you use common aswell but just 1-2 level +.


It’s nice to see other parts of the arena aswell.

Not only and always raw power and same dinos every match.

I enjoy variation and getting rich at the same time! :smiley:


i just max my coins and bucks from both supply drops daily. I also open incubators one after another all day and do battles. battles being the least of my worries except to get my daily missions and incubators full.

i started a few weeks after the launch of the game, last month i got to level 20. i’m not VIP and i haven’t spent any real money on the game. i just enjoy it and play daily. i just deal with the lags, crashes, and the now 2 reconnect screens.

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Spending all of that time deranking and climbing must be the equivalent of working for $2.50/hr at most. Besides the fact it unreasonably aggravates lower rated players I would pass anyway.

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I seriously hope you did this. Each victory in Arena 10 gets me 360 coins and I win 50% of the time of course. That’s better that winning 100% of the time in Arena 3 but only getting 108 coins.

Plus the 8-hr incubator is worth 1,667 coins in Arena 10 vs 1,083 coins in Arena 3.

You actually bring in 50% less coins by winning all you matches in Arena 3.


this. 150K is like $25… much better off working at McDonald’s or something with that time and buying coins :sweat_smile:

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I’m gonna laugh so hard when you’re in the lower arenas and then a good tournament comes on, but you’ve been such a noob that now the low level players have tryko and indoraptor and such and you can’t get back up :joy:


Imo de-ranking is not in the spirit of this game. I won’t ever do it. Ill always battle to win each game and will never willingly lose.

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I did it once, from aviary to very top of ruins, and deeply regretted it. It annoys me with these people because I keep going against teams way more powerful. One guy had a level 29 indoraptor that crit my entire team. He killed my spinotahsuchus with a crit on cleanse, then killed my only counter, monostego, with a crit on DSR, then my Thor couldn’t go through dodge and couldn’t stun either. Absolutely ridiculous.