“Earn extra hard cash”


There’s an FF XV offer that rewards 3843 cash. If you click the earn extra hard cash button, you get linked to a page with the same offers but the rewards are slightly higher. In the case of the same FF XV offer the reward is now 4188 cash.

My question is, why is there an option to be rewarded less, do both options work as intended? I’m feeling skeptical of opinions that reward extra cash. Has anyone tried it?


Tried it, and it worked really good. I got my legendary Utahsinoraptor from the reward


They are all rip offs anyways. That FF one you need to get 100,000 power in 14 days…you wont get thst unless you spend in thst game.


It’s honestly not that hard, you can easily work up resource power instead of military and it goes up fast. Just send people to kill monsters and they come back fast.


Here’s a follow up question. Can you do the same offer twice. Getting the reward for the regular amount. Then again in the extra cash section?