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Earn Large, Rare, Epic or Special Scents though PvP Dino Use

We get tired of battling the same 8 dino’s all the time and this suggestion would get everyone to both use and raise more dino’s to team level.

Make it so we can earn Large, Rare and Epic scents by way of the amount of different dinos that are used in PvP battle.

Every time we select a different dino to go into specifically PvP battle, it gets checked as being used.

Scents can be earned by the amount of different dino’s get into battle each day. Example:

Use 12 in battle and get a large scent capsule.
Use 16 in battle and get a rare scent capsule.
Use 20 in battle and get an epic scent capsule.
Use 24 and get one of the special scent capsules.

By this everyone will be encouraged to use as many different dino’s in battle as they can get put out in order to gain the scent capsule they want each day. It will make for a bigger variety of dino’s played and a more interesting game play for some. The down side would be a little trade-off of trophy’s till a player gets a good stock of dino’s up to a common range.