Earning cash option failed


I opted for the lottery option to earn cash and tried putting in £1. It ended up charging me £11. I tried again, it charged me £6. I don’t care much because I do the lottery anyway but I didn’t get a cash reward, either time, which annoyed me. Even though I followed the steps.

Any help on this?

Free dollars

Here you go:


Tried that and they closed my ticket and haven’t responded in a week.


I finished two large free cash rewards and have received nothing. I spent over $35 completing the free cash rewards. Its a huge scam.
Got to stronghold lol 10 in the final fantasy game and made a purchase of over $25 in that stupid cash back app


Yup. Same problem here. I tried two, neither paid out. Not going to waste my time trying any more.


Hi there, I am sorry you did not get your reward! Sometimes it can a while before the reward appears in your inventory. If you have questions or need extra help please contact our support at support+forums@ludia.com, including your support key in the email, and we can take a closer look at things for you.


I sent in a ticket and the review said denied without an email explaining why. Awesome business practices