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Earning Coins

So I’m at the beginning level 56 now (omw to 60 to get that Megalosaurus if possible) and I wanted to level up fast. I have unlocked the Hammond statues but my total coins are 6M only as of now, even buying them, collecting XP and selling will damage my overall coin harvest. So how do I get to level 60 within this week? If it is possible?

Well,Apatosaurus fossils,i reached level 52 today,although I only reached level 50 yesterday morning,because , I have been buying loads of apatosaurus fossils,placing them on Sorna and then back to storage,do not sell them,just store them in the inventory,you will eventually get loads of good offers for them,including coins,I have 30 apatosaurus fossils,but I never had 30 million coin,I just kept storing them over again.


I saved some DNA and hatched 3 level 40 copies of two of the common hybrids each.

I also traded some food to get lots of coins to start with (like 6M food for 15-20M coins)

Then I surrounded them both with hammonds and the shorter range 10% boost decoration and that allowed me to make 1M coins every 30 minutes.

After that, I was able to quickly generate lots of coins and purchase lots of apato fossils, which I then was able to trade for more food, DBs, DNA and LPs.


Like posted, build out your best coin producers, which early in the game are the 30min common Hybrids at level 40. (Mine has 9x level 40 and produces 1.7million coins every 30min with clock towers and Hammond statues.) I only have one of the 3 unlocked (the 4th common hybrid is a 6hour and much lower coin rate.)

If you can’t collect every 30min, you may want to select a different dino that better suits your needs.

When I was “blitzing” for level 60, I did NOT do the decoration XP thing. Instead, I blitzed the missions. I think it took me about a week to go from ~55ish to 60.

I did make sure to keep my fossil for trade. I also used fossil around all of my dinos for coin boost. (They reach 5, so you can have 2 rows of hammonds and they still help.) As I used them in trade, I would put those in the market. They sort of did double duty in a time before I could afford 3 full rows of statues.

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You might be able to get to level 60 depending how many of the missions you can complete and how many coins you have disposable.

In order to level up quickly, sacrifices are needed to be made. I think I levelled from 55 to 60 buying decorations and selling them just so I wouldn’t miss my first CoT. After that I focused on making “coin dinosaurs” and still bought and sold decorations for EXP all the way to max level.

I sacrificed coins because I knew of Infinite Battle from someone’s post and knew that the quicker that I can level, the more rewards I can gain on a daily basis. Losing coins for other resources was well worth it for me, no regrets.

Unlike others, I didn’t do missions. I’m still on Mission 33 or 34. Stuck at making Pteranodon Lv40.

I’m not sure Infinite Battles are worth that much. Most of mine have been mystery pack or common hybrid packs where I get a plain old NORMAL common (not a hybrid).

It is one more event per day, and can have good rewards, based on luck of the draw.

To be honest, my PvP modded battling has produced much better value than the Infinite Battle. But, I try to do 4-8 PvP modded a day on the Elite prize spin. Which may not be fair to compare to 1 Infinite Battle per day.

I was giving him some options and what to expect at later stages. The packs are FREE, your modded PvPs are not.

I have been getting lots of Rare packs back to back with hybrids and mystery packs are only about 40-50% of the packs. I unlocked Tyrannotitan this way too, waiting for some more Nasutoceratops.

For me, the Infinite Battle was worth it. I only lost coins and most days I am throwing 2-300 Million in coins to find Clock Towers now.

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How are you saving up coins in between custom trades? Just a bunch a hammonds?

No, I generate max coins in about 5-6 hours. Between 5 paddocks (surrounded by clock towers), I generate about 8 Million per 30 minutes. That’s why I’ve been working clock towers, to try and get my timer down to max coins in 3 hours, like some of the veterans on here.

But, I do have a lot of decorations stashed in case they sold a decent pack for coins in shop. I missed those 10M coin packs when I was new.

I use my first custom trade, then the other 2 trades within 12 hours and if I had cheaper offers in the TH, I would fill my other island with decorations.

What do you do with the max coins in so little time? I don’t get enough offers to use mine all up in a whole day!

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Buy decorations if you don’t have enough offers. It can act as a “bank”. Withdraw when you need it,
like this:

They act as “EXP” as well because since I am max level, I just stash them in my market without collecting the EXP. If we were to have a new level cap, I should be able to reach max level fairly quickly as well.

I read that you stopped subscribing for VIP gabochido, I still have mine - the extra trades helps get rid of some coins. So, my first custom trade might cost me 25M-75M and then I save up a couple hours to max coins again and go for a second custom trade, repeat again for 3rd trade.

I usually get a couple offers of either Food/LP/DNA/DB throughout the day and I take them all and worry about max coins later.

Edit: It just crossed my mind that a handful of players are trying to clear market, so this would be different for them. I play very similar to Tommi though, I keep and hatch everything. Having a full market doesn’t seem to affect my game. I get good offers of LP/DB/DNA all day. Mods doesn’t even appear too frequently for me either and I kept all the mods since I started playing, still have all my legendaries.

I have even sold Clock Towers for 600+ DBs because they only costed me coins.

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The only reason I do not stash decorations except for apatosaurus fossil is for the Trade Harbor. I do need loads of coins , I am past the limit where I can actually create any common hybrid except Alangasaurus. Should I max my Alangasaurus? My Triceratops is my best producer with 12000 coins every 5 minutes,alangasaurus is still at 15000 every 30 minutes. Majungasaurus is 75000 every 3 hours.

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That depends how often you can be on the game to collect. For me, Triceratops was food at first when you are doing a lot of things for a new park. Afterwards, it’s a little unrealistic to think that you would be able to collect every 5 mins.

30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours… you should choose a timeframe that you like/enjoy. For me, I maxed Alangasaurus because DNA was very cheap for the amount of coins produced.

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Yes, Raptors have good 2 hr production as well.

So apata statues will yield a LOT of XP.

However getting enough coin to help with that comes down to investments.

I’m a min-maxer and so my park generates about 70-80 mil coins a day. (I only get on like 2/3 times a day for about 20 mins to an hour.)

Clock towers are thee best decor in the game. However, they are a pain to get in large quantities.

However there is a far more efficient and effective layout, and that is 2 Oaises and a John Hammond

That will provide the most % for the most potential area, and is all obtainable with coins. Invest in these and youll get far more coin output.

I like my Dino’s having neighbors but you can easily surround 1 paddock with the Oaises and JH Statues.

I do forget what level they unlock tho, so if they aren’t unlocked by level 56, just try and cram as many 2x2 statues (With the highest %) as you can next to the paddocks. Don’t mess with the 3x3s or bigger because they have a higher area for less total %.

I can see some stuff in there,but right now I am fully based off Triceratops Sculptures,level 54 is when you unlock the John Hammonds,I am 53 till now.

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Still building my Army of Decorations.

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For your level, that is a great start.

I would rearrange to get all of the decorations on the inside, so you don’t have any only helping one dino.

Move your best dinos to the highest bonuses.

If you have one SUPER good dino, it is ok to treat it special if it returns the coins to be worth it.


John Hammonds are not as expensive as it thought,I reached level 54,with purchasing loads of Apatosaurus fossils. John Hammonds are 936k per statue,but Triceratops sculptures are way more affordable though. I will build my Army of Triceratops sculptures first,and slowly replace them one by one with hammonds as soon as I am done providing all the creatures their boosts,what surprises me is that,in this pattern,I expected a very even distribution,but then my boost range varies from 52%(Suchomimus) to 107%(Pteranodon) so far Most are somewhere in 85%to 99% range.