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Earning extra bucks to level up creatures

Just want to ask what can Lydia do for earning extra bucks for levelling up dinosaurs. I have a lot of creatures who need levelling up but there are few ways of doing so. I have used the free tap joy but there’s always the same old questions and answers. I have spent real money to buy bucks but still need a lot more. I help with dna for coins but it still isn’t enough. If you could bring some means of getting extra bucks and coins it would have very much appreciated. Thanks

Tournaments. There’s a skill tournament for coins at the beginning of each season. There’s also occasionally a Buck skill tournament at the end.
Combined with the coins from Epic Strike towers, you should be able to amass a good amount of coins.

I’d avise against levelling any creature up before the update that’s coming, unless you’re absolutely sure it isn’t risky, or you don’t mind the risk.

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Don’t spend your bucks on coins. Buy scents. With the mammoth pursuit coming up, you should spend your bucks on scents to farm exclusive creatures being released into the wild for the week


There isn’t anything wrong with buying coins with bucks. Both coins and exclusive DNA are things you will have plenty of opportunities to earn over time. It also depends on your personal preferences which is more important to you.

I spend all of my bucks on coins, and I have no regrets about it. Maybe when I have enough creatures levelled up eventually I’ll buy scents, but for now it’s coins all the way.

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The problem with coins is that you can get coins pretty much 24/7, but when something like diplodocus is released into the wild, it may never come back, and diplodocus hasn’t yet. Coin isn’t a bad idea, but scents are just better

There have been multiple events for it (and there probably will be in the future) and it was the daily mission reward for a while. For players like me, that’s enough.
Basically, you do you.

How do we know there is a mammoth pursuit coming?

Entelomoth and mammolania

The hybrid pursuits are held in an update-by-update basis. We’re currently on the update in which Entelomoth was added, and the rest of the hybrids from that update have been covered so far. We’ll get to the Mammolania update eventually.