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Earning more gems or decrease wait time

I’ve suggested this in the feedback previously but I’d really like to see more opportunities to earn gems instead of having to spend money. 15 gems plus 3 for a video=18 gems every 6 hours doesn’t help when unblurring photos usually costs 300 and choices can cost between 120 and 300. Maybe give more gems for this long wait time or more videos?


We’ve all asked for that and their response was to create ViP option that is a waste of money and add new, higher valued premium chat options to new stories.

It feels like they’re trolling us at this point.


For me that’s not the same thing though. I don’t want to be VIP. I’d rather watch a few more videos.

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I have an idea for a way to earn more gems, add some sort of mini game that you have to put time and effort into farming decent quantities of gems that you can then spend, that way you can create a set up that works for you and you only have to pay either for vip or gem packs when you’re impatient.

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I know they just updated it so you earn 6 gems from an ad instead of 3, but it’s just not enough with how insanely high the gem prices are for things. I get that they need to make money, but it’s so unbalanced.

I think they should add give at least a few more gems, decrease the wait times between gem collection, and/or at the very least let us watch more ads to get gems.

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They changed the gem reward from 3 to 6 for watching a video which was a nice surprise

I’d like to be able to watch more ads since they increased the cost for photos and premium choices. Seems counterproductive :disappointed: