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Earning *** scales

I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I feel like its getting unfair to get the 3 star scales. My team of dragons have a greater experience points by 400 on the first battle but it still won’t let me win, even with the auto play. I can’t level up my dragons without those and there is no other way to get them.


I think most people are upsetted by the latest change. But if you can’t defeat them with a team with greater bp, then it’s very likely that you don’t know how to choose dragons to form a team, or you are terrible with your board.


There are lots of other ways to get 3* scales these days though.

  1. You can get them as one of the random rewards (since the loot bag update it is possible to get extra rewards in any battle you play and 3* scales are one of those)
  2. you can get them in the draft chest
  3. Also randomly (but with a really low chance) from the scale chests

But I do agree that it was a bad idea of ludia to make the 1st stage of the hard quest not guarantee a 3* scale anymore cuz it’ll make it a lot more expensive and difficult to get 3* scales. I generally don’t play the second stage of the hard scale quest cuz it costs way too much energy. (in a day i get a total of 252 energy and having to spend at least 21 (8% of total energy sheesh) just to make sure i get a 3* scale each day is not something i’m willing to do)

I think they should tweak the energy costs of those hard scale quests and make sure the 1st node gives a 3* scale.


Christie, would you like some battle tips for the hard levels? I think you need a bit of help nevermind that Ludia really needs to reevaluate the “rebalancing”.


This is important right now with the most obvious way to get them being removed from the 7 energy cost quest (on weekdays, you still get one random 3scale on weekends for 7 energy, and you can quit the battle and replay if you don’t get the one you want). The only thing I would add is where one can find scale chests. For one, they appear in the store, although that will cost runes. Second, you can get them for completing the Medium scale quests 3rd battle, and you can get another from the Hard scale quest 1st and 3rd battles. It is a less than a 2% chance though so don’t expect to be getting very many 3 scales from chests

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I will always take advice :blush: thanks

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