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Earning your way

So to all of you who like to laugh and yawn and generally troll people, while your team is definitely stat boosted to the gills and clearly bought and paid for…Jokes on you Piggy banks. I remember a time when you actually had to earn your way to victory, not pay for it. Those of you who do pay your way are the reason these companies can get away with this kind of stuff. Progression should never be tied to your wallet but here we are. I was once at 5800 trophies in the daily arena. My team has gotten better and been levelled up. The best team I’ve had. However, I can barely get over 5400 now. The problem? My team is earned not paid for. I don’t have a 150 speed Thor with 2400 attack at level 27. Mine is just level 30 with 2200 and normal speed. I don’t have $1000 put into my team. Just tons of hours. The stat boosts I have are earned. I don’t mind stat boosts. They are not the best system and have essentially broken the game. But that’s because they can be bought. If they were 100% earnable, it would be a much better system. At the moment this game is totally tailored to the players(and I use that term loosely) that are lining the developers pockets. I understand that this is a game and a business in the long run, so I don’t mind paying for items in games. However, I believe they should be cosmetic options for dinosaurs, not progression items. It sucks the fun out of a game when you work hard to get a great team only to be beat by someone who paid for their team.
So in conclusion, I hope those people who like to troll and pay their way to the top realize they are the only ones to blame for the current state of video games. So laugh away. Because their is always someone out there with deeper pockets.