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Earth Shattering Event Bug

I hit level 55 today because I wanted the ostafrikasaurus unlock real bad and to my surprise I cant see the event to unlock it nor is it unlocked for me. What do I do now? I spent a lot of dino bucks on speeding up expansions for this. I’d like to unlock it :confused:

Have you restarted your phone (or whatever you play JWTG on)/game?
If so and it hasn’t worked send a ticket to or
They will take a few business days for a member of staff to reply

I tried restarting the phone and reinstalling the app/logging in and out. Nothing makes the event appear.
I have sent a mail attaching the pics and my support key though. Lets see how it goes. Thank you

If you got to level 55 after the Event started, you may have been locked into the lower bracket event. Don’t worry. Ostafrikasaurus will return in approximately 2 months

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I spent around 3k dino bucks speeding up my expansions for the level up haha
Im not leaving ludia without it unlocked xD
Lets see what happens to my support ticket