Ease of access

I really don’t like it when people who pay money get better gear. I know that might be offensive, but it’s not like I can personally afford the cost of joining the flight club. To me, that is WAY too expensive.

You already stated the same in another thread, i think now you can safely assume ppl in the forum know your opinion; sadly i dont think this Will change ludia business model

On the other side, Luckly you can play the game and have fun without spending a dime.

I’ve seen several people respond to similar statements in this fashion:

$9.99 is a very small cost. Same as eating out or a couple cups of coffee. Compared to the number of hours and enjoyment most get out of a mobile game the $9.99 is a very small investment.

If you can’t afford that, you probably need to reassess your life choices. Somewhere else you’re likely wasting money. Maybe you shouldn’t even have a cell phone.

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Well, you forget that people play from different countries. In some countries 10 USD might be quite a lot of money. In Russia it is around 650 rubles, in Turkey it is around 60 liras and the cost of a meal there is like 20 liras…so the purchase power of 10 USD can vary from country to country…

This is also a game for children who would have the account linked to parents who would have to pay, many parents wouldn’t allow that much money on just a game.
Anyway, it’s all about personal choice, if you can justify that amount of money on a game then that’s your choice - many would consider spending 9.99 on a game a waste of money.
Having a mobile phone is quite often a necessity these days (though you don’t have to have the top of the range).
Some people don’t play on their phones anyway - I don’t

I don’t believe the amount is excessive but I choose not to be tied into it on a monthly basis and choose the occasional ‘deal’ to pay for. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

@NightLight4 @Ddedo @TheDragonSlayer @Military_Jane I am basically saying that is a waste of money besides, it’s not I was even planning to spend that much money anyway