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Easier scrolling, etc

As of now scrolling through chats is somewhat difficult as it doesn’t scroll much when you swipe up or down and it is quite slow. Also, every so often when scrolling up, maybe every 10 messages, it stops a while to load which is a little annoying. I was wondering if the team could fix this and make it so when someone swipes up it scrolls much more and faster or have an option to adjust how it works. Maybe there could be a little bar added to the right side that pops up only when players are trying to scroll up. This would make it easier for people to pay for pictures they haven’t seen yet, but decide to buy after a while. I was also thinking maybe there could be a feature added so that it would be easier to purchase and view images instead of having to go all the way back up (an example is how on Instagram, users can just tap the info button on a chat to see shared media). Maybe even add a feature to replay scenes, you could even make it a payed option to do that. Thanks!