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Easier Strat for mega raid

Is there a easier way to do Meg fail that does not involve trkus or alloraptor or one that a involves low level creatures

Allo gen 2 is hard to get…

WWhy is also very hard to get
Anyone have a easier way to do this raid please share

I’ve tried a few different ones and none of them seem to work :frowning: getting fed up of these newer raids that only seem beatable with very specific dinos, taking all the fun out of raids


This was one that we tried, but killed the boss too quickly, it may work using lower levels and using fierce strikes etc to make each round last 4 turns… But we ran out of time and patience to keep trying

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What do you mean too quickly the faster the better

It meant some of the moves needed for the start of round 2 were still on cooldown, plus Ardonto was on low health and needed an emergency heal. We find similar problems with Grypo and Hadros, if we finish a round too quickly we can’t beat it, and have to make a conscious effort to use smaller moves

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I can see now I didn’t word it well. Using that technique we finished round 1 in 3 turns, not 4 :slight_smile:

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But is that strat possible

If not can you adjust it so it is possible

and that is bad because…

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It’s bad because for the next round there won’t be a buff to kill the minions?

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the group decel and fierce rmpg will kill them

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But the ardonto will die because Dilo couldnt heal. Or if the Dilo does heal, one of the minions won’t die because Dilo didn’t attack it. Sometimes rounds need to be a little longer to allow the healer to heal before round 2,and the moves to reset

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I don’t think it’s possible, even with everyone using their lowest attacks to try make it last 4 turns. But its worth a try.

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What if you switch out dilo for para