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Easiest and hardest creature to dart?

What’s your easiest and hardest creature to dart?
Mine is
Easiest common: nundasuchus
Hardest common: dracorex g2
Easiest rare: utahraptor
Hardest rare: bajadasaurus
Easiest epic: kentrosaurus
Hardest epic: titanoboa

You don’t know true shame until you’ve darted a Stygi…

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A Stygidaryx? @stoian

Yes, yeeees. It’s a nightmare to dart, a very funny looking nightmare. You expect this big birdy to be easy but no :smiley: I regret wasting an attempt on that when I could have been darting Thor in that same event earlier this year

Yes, I was right by one… Got 18 DNA and I’m level 14

The wing was just insanity!

i’d say titanoboa and Stygy are the hardest creatures to dart. Stygy because of the wing tip (tho i didn’t have too much trouble with the timing.) and titanoboa becasue it moves so wierd. it’s turn is just rotating it, and it doesn’t actually move correctly like the other creatures when they turn.

easiest is velo.

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Yep, totally agree

I didn’t have too much trouble with Stygidaryx myself, I actually did better on it than Thor. But I have to agree Titanoboa is horrible, and if we ever got to dart Spinoconstrictor, it would be by far the hardest in the game.
Imagine tiny hitpoints jumping from the tip of the tail to the head


Easiest: Velo
Hardest: Titanoboa

If we’re talking uniques tho, Maxima was awful, and Orion was really easy

Have you ever tried Stygidaryx?

Yes and he didn’t give me much trouble

I fully agree:

Stay safe and take care




Easiest common: tossup between euplo, diplocalus, and velo
Hardest common: allosaurus
Easiest rare: Touj or megaloceros
Hardest rare: titanoboa gen 2 or elasmotherium
Easiest epic: anky or monolopho
Hardest epic: titanoboa

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I find smilodon and eucladoceros quite easy to dart too