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Easiest creatures to dart

In your opinion, what are the easiest creatures to dart?
Common: Velociraptor
Rare: Megaloceros
Epic: Monolophosaurus
Legendary: Pyritator
Unique: Erlidominus


Common: Mono G2, Dilo G2, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Nundasuchus, Irritator G2, Gallimimus, Archaeotherium, Inostrancevia, Dimetrodon G2, Ophiacodon, Phorusrhacos, Tanycolagreus, Iguanodon, Parasaurolophus

Rare: Megaloceros, Diplocaulus G2, Koolasuchus G2, Meiolania, Moschops, Kaprosuchus, Nodosaurus, Utahraptor

Epic: Koolasuchus, Pteranodon

Legendary: Phorusaura

Unique: Quetzorion
*Never darted Erlidominus so not sure if it’s easier than Orion for me, but Spyx is second easiest for me

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When was Orion available for us to dart?

Phorusaura was super easy to dart

I’ve never darted her, so i can’t put in my list, but i do believe in you two

Common: Anky2

Rare: Megaloceros

Epic: Ptero, Darwin, Deer, Koolaid

Legendary: Phorus

Unique: Orion (111 at 100 meters

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Common: Inostranecvia

Rare: Megaloceros

Epic: Monolophosaurus

Legendary: Phorusaura

Unique: Stygidaryx…KIDDING! Oh geez, no no no no no no, easily the most difficult by far (stupid wings blocking the targeting reticle), but seriously, Quetzorion.

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In May


Oh, i went for Maxima, that’s why i couldn’t remember

Erlidominus was way easier… imo.

I went all Tryko last year and I was also a darting noob back then lol

Common: Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus g2, monolophosaurus g2, Irritator g2, Archaeotherium, Inostrancevia, Tanycolagreus, ApatosaurusM Nundasuchus

Rare: Mochops, Meilonia, all raptors

Epic: Erlikosaurus, Carbonemys, Proceratomimus, Koolosuchus

Legendary: Phorusaura

Unique: Ardentismaxima (only have darted this and indo)

I remember with spyx and erlidom I got around 120. I got over 150 on quetzorion.


I got both over 200 … but imo Erli is easier.

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Are you VIP?

Yes … I’m VIP