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Easiest epic tower ever?!

1 lvl 8 Carno guard the epic tower today, tot it was a trick or something, not complaining tho lol :joy:

It had 6k health so not easy for rookie players

Yea the health threw me off a bit as well, seems unusually high for a lvl8 dino.

If I had put in weak creatures I would’ve kicked my self
Thank god I put in my best

my indominus put its health to 436 i think?

and my allosino finish him

I could have nuked it with tryko and Thor but I decided to use all swoopers also is the name unintentional?

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It’s like a carntosaurus boss, with an epic incubator as the reward for defeating it.

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Has been thinking abt tat as well.
Reaction after seeing lvl8: :star_struck:
Reaction after seeing 6k health: :scream:


It’s an easier boss for better rewards than some raids.

Watch Camp Cretaceous and it will all make sense :yum:. Would recommend as it was an unexpectedly fun series to watch. It’s a bit cringy at times but some scenes would still give little kids nightmares.

Yes definitely, and does provides a good respite from all that carnage known as pvp lol

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I used LvL 10 creatures and it still was pretty easy.

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Will do! Caught a glimpse of the video, will find time to watch again.

i was confused as well untill i saw its health stat. remember players, always make sure you know what your fighting.


Yea if something is too good to be true, it usually is :wink:


When I first saw it I immediately thought it strange for it to be yellow, but thought it was a glitch. Got a whole team of dinos with levels between 12-15. Most of them were Rare.

Jump into battle and see the dang Carnotarus with over 6k health and a Distracting Shield and I lose my mind. I barely won by the skin of my teeth. :rofl::sob:


i tried playing on my sisters account with a level 11 nemys, 11 kentro, 10 dilopho g2, and deinocherius which took off 3000 but lost

We already had that one, btw. (probably late)

I remember that, Wasn’t it for a rare incubator though?

For carno tower it’s epic incubator, as I remember I received 15k coins after completing.

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