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Easiest legendary to get

So I’m just getting into later game not unique yet but legendary so I was wondering which ones are easiest to get thanks in advanced

Monolometrodon and Indominus imo


Monolometrodon, Dracoceratops.

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I already got indom at lvl 17

allosino stegodeus ( for me)

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The ones I got are dodo hybrid Utahsinoraptor indo pyrritator indo and tyrannoplhosaurus

Ok I’ll start working on allosino

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Indominous Rex, as you can get it via raid also.

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i already have indom also in my post above i meant indom not indo

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Indom and allosino.

Trystonyx was my first hybrid well my first legendary

Indom, reason is because you have a raid for it and you can get Rex DNA from the Rex raid. So all you have to dart is Velociraptor.

For me my first legendary was Indominus. It was my lucky month because T-Rex DNA was there as a monthly mission reward and Velociraptors spawn everytime in my area.

indominus. monolometrodon, allosinosaurus, dracoceratops

metrodon and draco

stegodeus,indom,mammotherium,tyrannolopho ,metro, dracorat are the eziest

Monolometrodon and Dracoceratops