EastCoast Looking for 5 Active Players!

If interested please send PenguiAlex#3461 a message on discord! I’ll answer quickly there.


Sent you a dm

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I sent you a friend request on discord.

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EastCoast is looking for 2 friendly/active players!
We are constantly improving whether it be doing better in the championship (Tier 9 Last Championship), completing Alliance missions faster (10/10 by Saturday), and complete all raids each week (helping everyone complete them at least once!). One area we are still developing is our sanctuaries. We aim to make sure everyone gets a vote on what dinos are in the sanctuary. Only sanctuaries started by the alliance leaders or officers are allowed. We just started a shared sanctuary with multiple alliances and are expecting to see great results from it! We have a friendly group that is competitive but everyone is chill and just looking to enjoy the game with other people. Any bad vibes are dealt with.
Our discord is our pride and joy, giving tons of updates, showing player progress each week, and offering a ton of tools to help you improve in-game!
So if you’re interested in joining or if you have any questions, DM me on discord at PenguiAlex#3461. Please don’t try to message me here, I will not answer quickly if at all. Just using this to get the word out!
See below for some more details!

EastCoast is looking for Two friendly/active players! We’re constantly improving and need players who are looking to do the same. Info about regarding AMs (10/10), raids (all complete), championships (current top 60). We have a lot of friendly competition between members so we all enjoy doing well to improve our alliance but also brag about lol. We have a well organized discord with resource, raid, general chats, updates, and alliance rank channels. We use alliance ranks to show who is doing well in each category and keep up the positive vibes in our alliance! If interested, DM me :grin: