Easter discounts?

Does anybody know if there usually are Easter discounts? Last Easter I was too low on resources to pay attention…

I don’t really know… last Easter I was on holiday, so I didn’t play. But I don’t think so, I mean there wasn’t a valentines one? Was there?

Yeah, they normally have an egg hatching event.

The discount has varied over the years though.


Do you know if there are extra discounts on hatching?

Really? Thanks for letting me know!

Relative to VIP, sometimes, one year it was either 10 or 15% for everyone, so not worth it for VIP.

Has been 20%/40% VIP in the past too.

I hope they make some kind of announcement soon, but maybe they want to surprise us on Sunday. I hope we get discounts on hatching, shorter times for the 6 hour card pack, and no crashes in the game.

Just an FYI, we’re getting an additional x2 LPs for packs right now. I don’t know if there’s going to be any special discount, but it would be a good time to buy 10K VIP packs to get an additional x2 LPs back

I’m guessing it’ll last through Sunday, but no guarantees, just a guess.

@Keith are you allowed to tell us how long the x2 LPs will last and if we should be aware of any special discounts this weekend?


Didn’t see anybody posting what they got from the 10K VIP packs… so isn’t the offer good enough?

I opened 37 packs
With double lps the 10K pack costs 7400 as 2600 are returned after opening the pack
Here is what I got


I guess less are returned for non-VIPs.

1300 back for non-vip’s
Now hoping for Wednesday’s double discount to speed hatch them🤑


This is my plan right now as well, buy and speed hatch. Very busy today though.

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I think I’m turning into Scrooge… I opened 10 packs, and then starting wondering if 1300 LPs back per pack is good enough discount for non-VIPs. The 20% discount last October was better. My cenozoic lineup will get some help at least.


I wouldn’t count on getting better discount than this one very soon. Also, are you willing to wait until October (or so) just to (maybe) get additional 5%?
I have spent every LP I saved as that looked like acceptable discount (I only left 20ish K in case Proceratosaurus will be offered for 11.000 LP in TH).
But then again: your strategy might differ from mine and your game could benefit more if you wait…

Well, I’m wavering a lot here, so that’s why I’m posting. To get advice. October a lot of people posted what they got after opening packs. Since almost nobody is posting this time, I was wondering maybe it’s not a good offer after all, at least for non-VIPs. If somebody can tell me that there most likely will not be a new offer in the next months, then ok. But it’s very annoying if I use all my LPs and then a better offer appear in the very close future.

Yeah, that would be a major bummer :face_with_hand_over_mouth: . But I don’t thing anyone can guarantee it for sure - it’s a risk which you can accept or not. I would (and already have) accept it, but I am not in position that VIP creatures makes too much of an impact to my lineup… So, good luck with what ever you choose :+1:

Can someone direct towards the discounts thread? Wanna know when the egg hatch discounts happen.

It is now. 30%

Do you know where the chart is?