Easter Egg or a glitch?

I was just looking in my dino collection on my second account and when i looked at diplotators picture i saw this:

After i restarted my game it disappeared.


Probably a glitch when the pfp doesn’t load

definitly easter egg

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I love it.

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Ludia make Mr DNA a creature

This Is Probably A Placeholder Image They Have But To Me Im A Bit Skeptical As It Looks Quite Alot Like A Photo shopped Image. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’ve seen weirder things happen in game…

maybe they would

Definitely photoshopped. Ludia picture frames are cut off at the top right corner. This one is fully square.


That actually made me laugh really hard :rofl:. @Nighty_201, thank you for sharing that screenshot.


asset could not load placeholder :slight_smile:


Yeah i see it now theres also a lil splotch of the original image at the bottom part of the icon

This is not fake I swear.

Uhm… nope…

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The 1.14 leak that was deleted had it too hint hint yes it is a real image

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Excuse me, but what 1.14 leaks?

Edit: Okay I’ve seen the leaks now don’t need to answer me.

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I found something better

IMG20200409153742 IMG20200409153732

I don’t even have erlikosaurus


Then it’s a epic spawn lol. Get it while you still can


When the erlinkosaurous wants to be in the spotlight he will be in the spot light…

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when erliko wants revenge

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