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Easter event! Feathery friends!


Easter event - feathery friends! :cherry_blossom::blossom::sunflower::egg::hatching_chick:

This is a suggestion and an idea for an upcoming easter event! It’s march really soon, so easter is not really too far away! Anyway! Since easter is a lot about chickens, why not base the event on the feathery beasts of jurassic world!
Since it’s no ordinary event i put in some uniques!

What do you think? Any good improvment ideas?:grinning::+1:


I actually thought it was real for like 30 secs … lol


May sound Dumb, but im kinda proud of this Quick edit!


Not gonna lie, I thought this was real :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe shorten the rare days down to two so the uniques can get their own day maybe? Commons would be Monday, rares Tuesday & Wednesday, epics Thursday & Friday, Legendaries Saturday Uniques Sunday? I only say this cause imagine how hard it’ll be to look for the specific dinosaur you want only on that one day. Especially with the lack of Green Drops.


Cool, but i have serious doubts they’ll ever give more than 1 try on a unique.


Can take a good guess but think the easter event will have alot to do with the poll we did about our 3 favourite uniques


The names are a bit messed up? But yes I like the idea, although shouldnt the uniques be the unique chickens? Dilorach and Erlidom? Also we should get darwin kinda becuz its somewhat of a chicken and mainly because we all need darwin…

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I’d certainly be up for that.