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Easter event! 🐣


I posted the same edit on suggestions, but I wanted to show some more people by posting it on general descussion!
Anyway, heres an edit I made thats an idea for an upcoming easter event! I call it ”feathery friends” :blossom::sunflower::cherry_blossom::hatching_chick::chicken:


Tupandactylus isn’t feathered!!!


IDK, for me it kinda has that colourfull chicken look!

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Well, even if the event was true, either experts will complain about the fact you added Tupandactylus to the event or Ludia will automatically change the list


And I know monomimus is not feathered either! But it for some reason looks like a chicken


This is just a fun edit, but I understand what you mean!


Ignore all those who do not agree with your edition and tell us what you put, this is GENIAL BRO … I support this


Tupandactylus it’s okay bro, becouse we have more attemps to catch dinos

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Thanks! Thanks o so much!

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i like how you snuck magna in there lol.

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That’s very optimist of you… I think if they did that it would be full of useless birds.


Awesome looking event! :+1: Not too sure about the possibility of multiple attempts on both Legendaries AND Uniques, though. At the very least, we wouldn’t get both on the same day. Just gotta wait for the official event announcement, I guess. Also, I like the creatures you chose!! :smiley:

Edit: I only just noticed it was an edit of the Valentine’s Event. :joy: That explains the Uniques and Legendaries being on the same day, huh?


The names are messed up. Did you use the Valentines event?

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Yep! Ya got me! :grinning::smile:

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Imagine if we got Ovirsptor for Easter. Would be so cool

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Oviraptor is probably my third favorite Raptor. First favorite overall, for dinosaurs in general not just raptors, is Velociraptor because I’m freaking basic. :joy: My second favorite, though, is the Microraptor.

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Maybe I sound like a jerk now, but I think raptors are dromaesaurs and oviraptor is not one. The oviraptor is a kind of bird dino… anyway, I too like the idea of oviraptor! It’s so quirky! And it’s asociated with eggs!


Don’t get me wrong free stuff is always cool but unique in legendary spot? :joy: