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Easy Bracketed tournament?

I was told that the Bracketed tournaments are meant to be extremely hard,but I have started battling,and all my matches have been easy. The first match was only against level 4 Common hybrids and 1 Proceratosaurus level 2. The second match was against 1 maxed Parasaurolophus,1 Labyrinthosaurus 20 and then 1 Pachycephalosaurus maxed. My 3rd match was the hardest i faced,1 Microposaurus 10,1 Maxed Koolasuchus and 1 level 10 Suchomimus,in Survivor. I had been told that Hatchling is as tough as a regular tournaments dominator,but , I cannot say so now.

Bracketed tournament are easy xD. (For the middleweight) It Was a piece of cake to get in dominator (at least for me with my team)

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@Dino_Rex I have no regrets going to level 60 so soon (was worth it with the Megalosaurus), but I do face a challenge of the heavyweight tourney. But as @Nestea told me, opening up CoT will give us the necessary help to get into Dominator and also mentioned not to build the park around bracketed tourneys.

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Nestea has the best advice for you,I rushed to unlock the trade harbor on nestea’s advice,and no regrets.

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Ya rushing up to lvl 50 is very good . By not levelling up you would be missing out on very good things