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Easy solution to the Resilience-pocalypse

In my honest opinion Ludia Ludia’d it up when it came to distributing the new moves. They more or less just replaced every creature with either a fierce, cunning, or resilient move (Mostly the latter). This really killed the diversity in the game and in my opinion, they shouldve not taken this direction. While some creatures do deserve multitasking moves, it is my humble opinion that they should be reserved for hybrids, and let the normal dinos/creatures have plain old Null./Distract/etc. moves back. As a result, I came up with 3 propositions.

  • Resilient Moves are taken out [completely], and SS/SV stay Precise Moves
  • Resilient Moves stay the way they are, but SS/SV arent Precise Moves anymore
  • Both Resilient Moves and SS/SV are Precise Moves, with the change of Resilient Moves cant cleanse distraction anymore

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In addition to these propositions, I am suggesting more that will diversify the arena, make dodgers relevant again and help tanks stay relevant:

  • Null. Moves have a 1-turn cooldown

  • Evasive Stance is brought back to 75% Chance of evading

  • All Evasive Mechanics (excluding Sidestep), now dodge 75% of the oncoming damage (as opposed to the current 66%)

  • Devastation and Shielded Decel Strike should not be Precise

  • Ceratopsians have Slowing Moves (they may get Decel Moves as their basic attack), Sauropods have Decel Moves and Stegosaurids have Thag. Moves

  • Decel Moves
    1-turn Cooldown for Impact, Rampage, Group Impact
    2-turn Cooldown for Group Rampage
    No Cooldown for Decel, Long-Decel Strike
    All Decel Moves (excluding Decel Strike) slow down a creature’s speed by 50% for 2 turns

  • Slowing Moves
    2-turn Cooldown for Impact, Rampage
    All Slowing Moves slow a creature’s speed by 50% for 3 turns

  • Thagomizing Moves
    1-turn Cooldown for Lesser, Normal, Group
    2-turn Cooldown for Greater, Group Normal,
    Group Greater
    All Thagomizing Moves slow a creature’s speed by 75% for 2 turns

Out of 8 of these added propositions how many do you agree to (not including the main 3 I proposed)

  • 8/8
  • 7/8
  • 6/8
  • 5/8
  • 4/8
  • 3/8
  • 2/8
  • 1/8

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I disagree the new move sets killed diversity, I believe it added diversity. It did remain unbalanced, swapping the old evasion era for the resilience era, and the balance needs to be reworked still. But, previously, there were a handful of dinos that everyone played, I see a much wider variety now.


Who on earth though that devastation, a 3x damage move, should be precise?


While I believe it reawakened old irrelevant creatures/dinos, it did not however diversify the arena. Let me just clarify that diversity means a variety. Right now, truth be told, 70% of the creatures have Resilient Moves. Most creatures being subjected only to 3 kinds of moves, not diversity. Before 2.0, now that was atleast diversity (though unbalanced creature balancing)

Claiming it did not add diversity as a blanket absolute statement opens your points up for rebuttal. I see, and many of the other posts on the forum corroborate this, a much more diverse selection of dinos being played. So, in this, yes the game is more diverse. In regards to move sets, I cannot say one way or the other that the game is more or less diverse. In the previous evasion era, we saw many of the same moves that centered around evasion and or nullifying. Now we see many moves centered around resilience. While that is probably not more diverse…I am not so sure its less so either. Seems in regards to move diversity, its about on equal ground in my opinion. People find what is working the best and then everyone flocks to that style which has been true for a while. You are entitled to your opinion based on your play, and perhaps you are seeing less diversity, which is why I disagreed with you in my first post instead of speaking in absolute terms and chose the words “I believe”.

Weren’t thagomizer moves kinda deleted/renamed?

Yes, please.

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Well, Agree to Disagree. :grinning: Though I do see what you meant when it comes to diversifying the game. It did diversify the game when it came to which creatures to use, seeing as how the whole meta was shaken. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? Whats the point when every single creature has more or less the same moveset? As you said even, every creature is more or less a creature with Resilient. Even when people pick a variety of creatures, every single one of those creatures have Resiliency Moves one way or another. Atleast in 1.14, every creature had a unique purpose.

Again, I just have to disagree with that statement. 1.14 revolved much more on partial immunities, therefore diversifying the arena. Every creature actually had unique movesets as opposed to now.

“every creature is more or less a creature with Resilient” != “we see many moves centered around resilience”.

I am not against saying many of the moves do seem a bit redundant with there being many resilient moves, so in that one regard, there may be less diversity but I would have to see old moves laid out among new moves to see that clearly in order to make the statement true for me. Many of the whole move sets, even with resilience are a bit different from each other though (not the resilient moves themselves, the whole set on a given dino) so I still find it hard to say its a lack of diversity from the previous build based on move sets. But, again, that is my opinion and based on what I can see and remember.

I don’t understand the people saying the arena is more diverse? All I ever see now are: Ardentis, Tryko, Dio, DC (yes, a LOT more since the update), Erlidom (still), Magna, and the occasional Thyla. I still see loads of boosted Thors and even Indoraptors too. Nothing has changed in library.

In fact, even with her buff, I see less Utarinex than I did before. I haven’t seen any Utasinoraptors after her nerf, whereas before I saw her every now and then. Even Smilonemys seem less frequent.

On topic, I say either get rid of Resilient moves altogether, or have them limited to a handful of tanks. A Stegodeus with a resilient move is fine. A Tryko with a resilient move, is not.


Obviously Resilient should stay as it is. Say what you want, it’s intended to counter all speedsters. But of course, other slowing abilities shouldn’t be precise.

But this would actually hurt dodgers more…

Of course I agree

I agree

I agree

I also agree with the whole decelerating/slowing/thag idea

But what about distracters? They are even worse than dodgers now

It is true that there are lots of distractors now, but many more people seem to have a problem with resilients, which I find really interesting. My theory is that this is because the vast number of relevant resilients in the game are effectively countering cunning creatures (as intended), but there is a lack of relevant fierce creatures to keep the resilients in check. As a result, the resilients feel stronger because they just aren’t being countered as hard or as often as cunning creatures are.

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Lol look how much these new moves replaced the old ones.

Those are buttloads of creatures basically turning into clones of each other. I mean all Cunning creatures more or less have the same moveset as others, same with Resilient and Fierce. (Though Fierce I dont mind since its literally just Defense Shattering Moves)


I mean if you look at it from another perspective, dodgers arent the only group of creature affected by the surge of Resilient Moves, also Distractors (as you said). But I guess the only reason people dont complain is because there arent any creatures that only specialize in distracting (excluding the only hybrid example, Diplovavenator, and also in addition, some basic dinos/creatures), more or less distracting is a luxury for creatures (i.e. TenRex, it specializes in shutting down opponents defenses, and it just so happens to also keep the opponent’s damage in check). So distractors have that luxury, while Dodgers dont. They depend on trying to minimize oncoming damage as much as possible with Null./Evasive/Distracting Moves. Which, 2/3 of those moves given, are made useless by said Resilient Moves. It just so happens Dodgers got the really really really… short end of the stick. And still that is an understatement. Not one battle do I go without my Cloak being Nulled… :pensive:

Additionally, “distractors” usually have multiple distracting moves (for example, Erlikospyx has three), so even if one is removed, they can just apply another. Evasive moves are usually one per creature, and have long cooldowns if they last multiple turns. If a dodge is removed, chances are it won’t be going back up.

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Ok just noticed my grammatical mistake.

With the HP dodgers have, make that “It is guaranteed it wont be going back up”

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As I said, I think Resilient itself is fine and shouldn’t be changed. But it should be removed from creatures that shouldn’t have it.
Talking about uniques, Tenrex and Tryko should have their Resilient abilities changed to Superior without precise. Tryko should also have normal .5x counter back.
Dio, Maxima, Cornibus and Lania should keep Resilient because they’re clearly tanks. Maxima should get a damage nerf in exchange tho

True. The dodger massacre happened only because every single creature has it. My suggestion is to reserve these new multitasking moves (Cunning and Resilient, with the exception of Fierce since its more or less a Defense-Shattering Move) for hybrids, and only for the hybrids that deserve them. I agree with Tryko wholeheartedly, but TenRex not really. It deserves it.

Tenrex is a chomper with the second highest attack right now. He must be countered by dodgers imo, shouldn’t be that versatile.

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