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Easy tournament wins

I have payed close attention to the bots from all pvp matches and noticed a pattern that has won me tons of games. When your creature can no longer take a hit from whatever it is up against, block for 3. The bot will respond with attacking for 3 and blocking for 1. Repeat this pattern until you have 8, then block 4 and reserve 4. The boys will respond by attacking for 4(75% of the time). This trick works 90% of the time against any pvp opponent, but it only works around 40% of the time against pve battles. Rarely the bot will reserve the 1. It’s a risk but it works more often than not. I’ve won games against maxed out tourney creatures while using a level 20 diplotator.


yes, i have seen that trick before, I believe that is just the 3 attack 1 block loop


It said that a moderator but an orange pencil symbol on my post. What’s that?

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the orange pencil means they edited your post

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The 3 block loop no longer works consistently at all on any of the 3 accounts I play. And if i was forced to just guess I would certainly say it works less than 50% of the time. I still try it on occasion when I have no other options but the AI routine reserves 1 now instead of blocking on the very 1st attempt and if not then certainly before I get to 4 reserve points.

The only time this loop works consistently in my experience is in the last round of the I-rex gyrosphere.


I guess it’s just different for everyone? That’s my theory at least, I-rex gyrosphere or any gyrosphere 3 attack 1 block doesn’t work for me, but it works consistently for me in pvp.

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3attack1block is a 50% chance in tourneys but mainly a guarantee in PVE as well

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For me it’s almost guaranteed to work in pvp. But I’m Pvp it’s much lower

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