Easy way to balance evasive

Increase the cooldown by 1. Thats it. Will make a huge difference, and drastically reduce luck streaks.


Likewise I think Instant Charge shouldn’t have any delays.


Might I maybe suggest diminishing returns on evasion as another option? So that after the first successful dodge the chance to dodge decreases by 20%. That way if you do get hit the first turn your chance to dodge is still 50% but it lowers the frequency of chain dodges.

Heck, I would even be happy if the chance to dodge was 75% if the effect ended entirely after a successful dodge.


There are many ways to address its effectiveness if that is what someone wants. I would say simply making it two turns would do this well. Increasing the number of high end dinos that nullify would be another. I’ve never thought the move itself was unbalanced. The fact Monomi was immune and had this skill narrowed good options to the point that it frustrated many players


For me the only one it doesn’t anger me on is indominus because it’s 2 turns and he is slow. But the turn, high speed dinos where one is immune and one has cleanse followed by damage shattering is just impossible. With indoraptor particularly I find I pretty much has to sac at least 1 Dino to kill him and that’s if I’m getting lucky with not getting dodged.