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Easy way to fix broken dinos

Devs 1.9 its cool but the same old problems still there,mm needs a total rework but the worst are speed boosts,so if they are here to stay lets talk about a balance…
1st off all every dino can only get 10 boosts total.
That means we can boost ex: our thor with total 10 boost on HP,ATK and SPD think how much possibilitis we could get by restricting it ,its great lets see some examples
we could get a super fast thor 2-2-6
or supel bulky 6-4-0
Balanced 4-3-3
Or even a mad thor 4-6-0
This would bring balance and make it a strategy game again


I like the idea. You should also be able to swap the set for that specific dino you spend your boosts on.
However, the plan here is long term… We have all these boosts in place so that it will take ages to completely fulfill after reaching level 30. There used to be a big problem at the top of the leaderboards with everybody being equally strong…
Your idea could still kind of prevent that, however not as much. But in the end this would be a great idea for a tournament setting.

Yep 10 boosts per dino and the possibility to reset then when you want,for making a new configuration but not remove then to use on another dino this would be too much, anyway change this would be huge and certainly create a lot of strong combos with the same dino,kinda make it strategyc again
Devs still make money from it but can not be abuse anymore
Right now its a total mess

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