Easy ways to get LP

So I have been asking myself: how do I get loyalty points easily. I currently do all PvE battles and I want to know if there is any other efficient ways to get LP as lvl 20 and 21 V.I.Ps will be good to deepen my lineup for tournaments. Any tips?

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Do you visit the JWTG Facebook and Twitter accounts daily? There you will find links that will give Dino bucks or loyalty points.


My FB got disabled :sob: and I don’t have twitter. Before my FB got disabled I would go in and check for links all the time but I have to wait 9 months before I can access it :sob: :sob: :sob:

Ceno PvP, advanced wheel, you can land on 500 lp from time to time, 250 and 100 lp quite alot.

You can get more LP from ceno PvP per day than any other source I have found currently it’s an absolute minefield, I’m vip so I get 2x LP, I think on one run I got over 4,000 lp.


You don’t need a Twitter account, just visit and click the link, it’ll move you to in game for the reward.


I don’t have a good enough ceno lineup… Sadly

@Aether_12 I am seriously considering to go for it after the things you have written several times on this up until this time. But I have concerns about my current cenozoics tbh. Can you tell me are these ones efficient enough to fight for the highest rewards? You mean the regular cenozoic battles right, not the modded ones?

I also need your advice on the ferocity gap, I think I have messed it up by adding a lvl 10 Thylo which made my top three split up from the rest. What do you think, my PvEs are gonna get a lot harder right? :confused: Asking all cause I will need those LPs for the later use.

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VIPs need to be at minimum level 11 to reach top wheel.

Your top 3 have the same ferocity as each other, you need to beef up your legendaries to make your ceno PvE easier.

Use fodder main fodder method for easier matchups.

And dont use snows in PvP, 90 percent of my battles are against OP caverns, some savannah hybrids aswell but generally you wont face any snows higher than a marsupial lion in PvP.

I no longer use any snows in PvP and since then my win rate is pretty much 100 percent.

Its definitely worth investing in just for LP farming.

Comparatively if I did a full ceno PvP run the LP I would gain would make the LP gained from PvE look like a joke.

Also it will hurt but if you get any trades offered 11k LP for bronto, hyeana, panocthus take them, the quicker you can start doing PvP on top wheel the better, youl gain resources back in time.


Step 1, buy VIP membership

Step 2, renew VIP membership :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that there isn’t too much to really do aside from what you are doing and like Aether mentioned grind some PvP

As a non VIP member I take just about any trade for LP points other than cash -> LP and don’t use my LPs for anything other than the 10k packs. It can take a while but eventually you will build a decent VIP line up. Since say February or so I’ve opened enough 10k packs to lvl 20 pretty much every non VIP VIP in the game and several with copies. I made a thread about my VIP 10k rewards, I’ll dig it up and I have since added to it several more.

I still use my 1 free custom trade per day for AF -> LPs unless I am maxed on coins or food and pressed to get rid of them but most of those trades i get from those are trash and would rather just keep getting the ~300 LPs instead.

Only other thing that I think helps with LPs if you are willing to spend the DNA is keep a Yutyrannis in your inventory. On my game at least Chanya goes crazy for Yutyrannis and if I happen to have one in my inventory get tons of trade offers for it and often one for several thousand LPs. Can’t remember what it costs DNA wise 6500 maybe? So 6500 DNA for 2000-3000 LPs is pretty good in my book.

link to 10k pack reward thread


I tend to go for legendary creatures rather than AF now, as VIPs we receive around 1 or 2 legendaries from events each day so I at least dedicate 1 of my CT to this, they go for a bit more than an AF aswell as high as 550 lp sometimes

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Sadly I can’t get V.I.P but that is the only thing from your tips that I can’t do

Also if I’m swimming in DBs. (not very much for me :rofl:). Maybe +4k or so I’ll do the 950 DBs for the reroll for the stake holders event for LPs. Whether or not this is “good play” or not I can not say but LPs for me being non VIP are just about my most precious resource. DBs are great don’t get me wrong but all of my DBs just get used to speed up hatch times mostly so it’s not like I am using them for anything too exciting.

950 DBs for potentially 1500 LPs isn’t a terrible gamble for me and my game if I have a few DBs to spare. JMO


Ha I’m the reverse, if chanya kept offering me those LP to DB trades each time I’d have no LP left :joy:

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Definitely a difference between the VIP and non VIP :stuck_out_tongue:

Non VIP be like this over 500 LPs (too lazy to make it into a meme right now, if you know then you know)


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I dont know :joy:

I mean I got to 100k lp 2 days ago, I’m now on 107k I also spend 1.2k on the lottery each day, for vips its very easy to accumulate LP so much so that I am actually more cautious of dna, bucks and even food.

If I was non vip that would probably change.

Also I think were both at the level where LP is not really needed that much and only for collection purposes, I mean lps not really gonna make much difference to our lineups, but at the start of the game LP was a godsend.


It’s a scene from the movie Eurotrip (early 2000’s movie I believe).

If you are interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvRn0rF687E

Either way. yeah 100k LPs… bhahaha would take me weeks.

And yeah, LPs are not the end all but at the same time every VIP creature I get will be useful down the road when I make the jump from lvl 20’s to 30s. And I am approaching that soon, could actually be working on it currently but decided to collect tournament hybrids 1st. Making the next ferocity jump just feels like a daunting task right now basically backing up/making copies of what i currently have to ensure my line up stays deep enough for easy play.

Slow and steady I suppose

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I would get LP->dinos, LP->DNA, LP->Bucks and LP-> buildings which I never do. I also don’t do LP->Coin and LP->Food which come up way too frequently

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I dont do any of those besides the bucks one, sometimes the creature if it’s what I need.

I see, thanks @Aether_12. I will quickly focus on my cenozoic line up after the events of this weekend. In the mean time I must do some final adjustments on my jurassic line up. After that I will be just ok until the next ferocity jump I plan for and start strenghtening my lacking parts. :call_me_hand:

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