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Easy ways to grind coin?

Any suggestions on how to get coin faster?

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Battles help a good bit, but the main thing is the strike events. Try to grind the daily missions and the alliance missions. If your desperate, you can buy he coins for bucks. There really isn’t an easy way to grind coins, and they nerfed the amount given on strike towers

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just a boat load of battle wins.


If Ludia would only make the treasure chase actually give 24K…


Spin every supply drop until you max out the coins for the day


Save your coins and their number will go up, lol. I think being careful and selective of what to spend coins on is more important than grind them. We can easily get more than 150k a week with supplies, strikes, battles and donations.


Battle win coins are currently the only source of coins that aren’t cap by how much you can earn a day. Which makes them the only true way to grind other then just hitting your caps for supply depots and doing strike towers.

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Here are some great ways:

Supply drops

Battle wins

Epic incubators

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I would have included the treasure chase but ever since COVID-19 started they’ve been terrible.

do all the treasure chase rewards add up in the end? or do they reset every week?

the treasure chases are awful, they’re pretty much the reason I don’t get a ton of coin cuz supply drops takes like 2 hours if you’re sitting in one place to get 3,000 coin

In my alliance on Saturday and Sunday we request dinos that are less desired. This lets our members collect coins and restock dna


Donations are a good way to make coins and if you get your alliance to play pass the Majungasaurus or something crappy like that, you can make a lot of coins.

even on a good week with 4 epic incubators + rare incubators, that would only be around 50K coins, can supplies and battles really make up the remaining 100K?

I would very much like to get 150K/week :laughing:

If you have the time to drive around until you reach the cap on the supply drops, you can get a total of 22.500 coins everyday, meaning you can get a total of 157.500 coins every week just on supply drops.


Try setting a coin day for your alliance

Basically everyone requests irritator gen 2 or majunda

Ain’t nobody got time for that

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Max your supply drops everyday.
Win battles.
Open incubators
Donate dna
Coin tournaments
Buy them
Coin sales for free players (rare)

Why not? I do it from my own home. Just keep spinning those drops every 15 minutes and over an afternoon or evening, while watching TV or playing on the computer, you can easily do it.

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