Echo better now?


I’ve noticed that echo has been given nullifying strike now instead of the previous move, has anyone levelled her up? I’m sitting on 2300dna and thinking of levelling the raptor pack for fun whenever I can, however if it’s actually useless il save the coinage for the team lol :+1:


None of the raptors are good now. The only ones viable are utahsino and pyritt. The others get demolished in 2 hits by anything that slows


bit gutting tho as they’re pretty cool, cheers mate I’ve unlocked those 2 so I’l just plod along with them then :+1:


Yep, all raptors suck hard atm, expect utasino and pyrit like Austin says.


Even if you rank them up around the same level as your current top team, they’ll be alright at best.

The amount of current meta Dino’s who just trade so well with raptors is crazy.