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Economy worse than before


Between the 1* dragon increase (making it much harder to level and much more expensive) and the increased quests (that aren’t giving coins and only a little fish), the previously stingy economy is now strangling almost all progress. Please consider coins and fish with every quest.


What 1 star increase? I haven’t gotten a 1 star since the update, you can hatch only 2 stars if you choose so. You will find gold is almost pegged max in the later levels. Upgrade come less frequent from exp req and training dragons becomes less frequent due to needing dupes. I’d much prefer more fish which I’m always low on, I could probably spend 500k+ fish right now. I do remember being low on gold all the time early on, but that quickly changes


The basic hatch is exclusively 1* whereas before you got a mix of 1 and 2*

I’m level 32 and still strapped for coke s have dragons to train and an upgrade waiting. That is 250k coin right there. Had to decide which dragon to train the other day, so I needed 370k that day.


So don’t do the basic hatch then obviously, do the 2 star ones. The 2 stars used to be 1-2 also. I don’t know I’ve had max gold since like level 25, maybe even before that. Just do repeatable quests and it racks up quick. I don’t do the coin quest but if you are that far behind, do it also. It’s quite annoying how useless it becomes imo.


Agreed on the 1 star only breedery change. Now you must use scales to get anything more than a 1 star :frowning:


Hatching colored eggs will lead to scale shortage and also takes a lot longer slowing chest filling (different priorities) maybe I’ll try something different

I was doing almost exclusive repeat except runes and some fish. Now cant do as much repeatable due to all the quests coming in. I have been behind in coins since talmost the beginning even when letting eggs go to waste


It really depends on what you’re doing at the moment. Me for example, am very low on fish and maxed on gold because i’m leveling up 2 4* dragons but when they’re ready to be trained it will be the other way around, low on gold and maxed on fish.

However i agree that the repeatable quest should give more eggs to keep up with the increased cost of 2* hatching. Gold and fish are more manageable if you do their respective daily quests whenever you need them.


And the colour need 15 eggs and not the old 10