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Edaphocevia Hydrid

The title tells it all. I used Purussaurus and Edaphocevia together to create Puruphocevia. This thing would still keep the same body, but it would have longer jaws and an armor coating around it. I created moves and stats.
Persistent Ferocious Strike
Ferocious Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Revenge Binding Impact
4300 Health
1000 Damage
120 Speed
10% Armor
5% Critical Chance
100% Critical Reduction
50% DoT
50% Rending
100% Speed Decrease
75% Stun
50% Swap Prevention
100% Vulnerable
This hybrid was made to counter tanks in an unusual way. Instead of bleed or pure damage, Puruphocevia buffs itself very quickly. It stops tanks from getting away but is very weak to cunning, as its base damage is low.
Revenge Binding Impact: On Revenge, Target can not swap for 3 turns. Deal 2x Damage.
Leave your thoughts down below. Hope y’all enjoy!


Revenge ferocious impact is pretty OP it’s a 3× damage attack on the first turn with 50% increase in damage for 6 turns. And then 2 more rampages??? This thing is an abomination give it some attack boosts and speed boosts and it will kill everything.

True. However, it isn’t immune to Distration, which allows most cunning to easily nullify it. I lowered its speed for that reason. It is a monster, but it will have counters

Cunning creatures are usually lacking in life though. This thing with speed boosts so it’s faster and a few in damage could kill almost any cunning creatures and most cunning creatures are very weak and would be useless outside of this one matchup.

Once you get cunning creatures again, there are alot of counters. Magna can nullify, Erlindom can outspeed it, but I get your point. I can replace it with Revenge Binding Impact.

Okay that’s a lot more balanced. You could probably give it a small attack buff.

It’s perfect :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

10 characters

So what do you think the attack buff should be? The reason it’s 1000 is because both it’s parents have 1000 attack, and it can buff itself to 2000 if allowed to.

i like the mix, I find it balanced, if this creature were in the game I would create it if or if

Cool. I’m glad people like this thing. I created another called New Bleeding Hybrid. Go check it out as well

I can’t find it lol

That’s weird. Did you search it up?

If I look for it but nothing, I can’t find it

I searched for it in the search bar and found it. It’s literally just called New Bleeding Hybrid