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Edaphocevia VS Monolometrodon (JWA Battles #10)

Welcome to episode 10 of JWA Battles! Nope, not even CLOSE to a milestone episode, but you’ll see when ya see. Once again, this game is played by determining the stats, weaponry, and weapons of JWA’s fiercest and best of the best hybrids! Kinda made it sound cooler there, don’t ya think?

Anyway, last time, we had a battle between two returned Dilophosaur hybrids, Tenontorex and Dilorachierus, with Tenonto winning simply due to its size. Oh, and I’ve found that Dilorach is taller, just not heavier, so there’s that, I suppose.

This time, permian hybrids enter the ring! Well, one has a dinosaur mixed in but who cares? Edaphocevia, the omnivorous gorgonopsid, and Monolometrodon, the tiny terror. Who would win in a fight? Let’s find out.


Height: 6 Ft
Length: 11.5
Weight: 1000 Pounds
Bite Force: 300 Pounds (Assuming Ino has a 500 pound bite, generous of course)
Speed: 25 MPH
Weapons: Claws and teeth
Advantages: Physically stronger, faster, and better suited for battle, and slightly heavier, although not by enough to just take everything
Disadvantages: Possibly dumber, considering it’s purely Permian and has a herbivore in the mix, and smaller length and height could hurt
Edaphocevia is an omnivourous hybrid made from the carnivorous, and most deadly gorgonopsid Inostrancevia, and the herbivorous Edaphosaurus, who was made a carnivore by Ingen but whatever. This hybrid is very fast, decently powerful, but is rather frail and can be easily pushed around. It has sharp teeth, strong claws, and a sail for intimidate I suppose. Not the nice and cute looking creature you’d think it would be. Keep in mind while its small size helps it in more even playing fields, it can also be the death of it in more one-sided battles. And considering it is purely Permian, its carnivore DNA may help in intelligence but its herbivorous parent may not be helpful to the cause. Overall, the Edaphocevia is strong and fast but extremely tiny and fragile, and not likely to be the most intelligent carnivore ever.

Height: 8 Ft
Length: 15 Ft
Weight: 800 Pounds
Bite Force: 400 Pounds
Speed: 15 MPH
Weapons: Teeth and Claws
Advantages: A bit larger in height, and slightly stronger teeth and claws, just not enough to completely settle the odds
Disadvantages: Not as physically strong and is slightly lighter
Monolometrodon is, technically, a mammal dinosaur hybrid, being made from the monolophosaurus and the dimetrodon. You’d think monolophosaurus DNA would speed it up, but it is not that much faster than its dimetrodon parent. It is rather powerful in both bite force and its weaponry, of course. It is also one of the larger tiny terrors, giving it important edges. However, it may have a Mesozoic creature in it, possibly making it a little smarter, but a less evolved Permian creature may slow the brain process down. Overall, Monolometrodon is one of the larger and stronger tiny terrors, but is rather slow, lacks more physical power, and has only average intelligence.

Edaphocevia is seen running, with Monolometrodon giving chase. Monolometrodon swipes its claws at Edapho, who dodges, and turns back and slaps Monolo in distracting impact style. The two trade hits before Edapho gains the upper hand and bites down on Monolo, who swipes at Edapho to counter. Edapho runs at Monolo, and tries to pull the same slap, but gets swiped in the face. Monolo double swipes Edapho, and headbutts him. Edapho then pounced Monolo, and bit the sail. Monolo screeched, and threw Edapho off. If he was going to die, he would bring Edapho with him. Monolo runs at Edapho and bites the arm, not letting go, hoping to rip it off. Edapho then slaps with the other arm, before jumping on his opponent, and biting the neck. Edapho, happy with the victory, runs to find a better meal.

Ok, so maybe this was a close batte, but also not a close battle. You see, the weapons and physical power were equal, but Monolo’s clumsy stance would be a disadvantage that Edapho could easily take advantage of thanks to his far better speed. Monolo may have been a little smarter, but taking that synapsid appearance is what costed the win. It might not be as clumsy as dimetrodon, If you were too slow and clumsy, most of your advantages wouldn’t matter via an exploitable weakness, making this a very shortly fought battle in Edapho’s favor, and it didn’t exactly help that Edapho was far physically stronger either, and could make it out of most dangerous situations, making the winner of this battle Edaphocevia!


Do you agree with the calcs, winner, and reasoning of this battle? Share your thoughts in the comments, and vote for the next fighters!

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