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This is the last one I can get except for Mortem.
I’m working this one up to team level now. It has good speed with a decent move set and a decent set of resistances. Then also the revenge is always useful.

Edaphocevia3 Edophocevia4


It’s kind of like Magna (better in the attack department). I wonder what its unique will be like.

Pretty decent kit! Can’t wait to get mine. Almost there!

It’s moveset is basically wholly mammoth reborn, the unique will probably be very good.

I don’t think it’s as useful in my opinion. Still get slowed and distracted. Only 1k atk. No armor. Only 5% crit. And ironically have 100% crit reduction resistance. Would only get 1 non armor Pierce atk off against slowers (maxima, tryko, Dio, gemini). Not fast enough to compete with Orion and erlidom.

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Why would you compare it to uniques? It’s not even a superhybrid. Most people who aren’t whales won’t level it past 20, anyway.

I’ll get it to level 20 with the rest of my team.

Good point. Not a super-hybrid. No need compare it to unique. I was just considering of putting it in the main arena team. Only lvl 20 it is then.

Def. a chomper focused Magna. Though the HP is decent, and so is speed, its Attack leaves a lot to be desired. PFS fixes that tho. Though I’d trade the Swap-Prevention, Rend, Crit Reduction and Vulnerability Resistances for Full Immunity against Stun and Speed, 75% for Distraction. And also maybe a 1100/1200 ATK maybe…?

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