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Edaphosaurus (File 01 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur concept teasers that should be coming to JWTG!
Let’s start with the first!
Ladies and gentlemen, here is the EDAPHOSAURUS!!!


DNA cost: 170
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Healt: 70
Damage: 22
Ferocity: 140

Level 20


Level 30


Level 40


Do you want this creature added?
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  • Nop

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Which creature would you like to come out?
  • New rare carnivore with a new animation!
  • A new super rare herbivore gen 2!
  • A new legendary tournament pterosaur!

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Wasnt edaphosaur a herbivore?

Woolly rhino has the Savannah animation so they could just make edaphosaur a herbivore and give it the dimetrodon animation


Yes, but since it is similar to dimetrodon and has the same animation I thought it would be better to make it carnivorous!

He does have a herbivore eating animation in jwa but otherwise kept the dimetrodon animation. A way how he can be a carnivore here is simply making him a herbivore the same way they made wolly rhino a snow creature although every other rhino creature is savanah


I put it carnivorous because it looks like a carnivore and I like it that way!
Also it takes me an hour to change the sign from carnivore to herbivore!
I think I’ll leave it like this!

Yes. I also don’t think they will make that wolly rhino environment swap with any creature again

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However changing the sign of the Woolly Rhino into snow was a good move by Ludia because they wanted to make it similar to the Mammuth!

Yes. Perhaps we get more other Commons. My predictions would be homalocephale (pachy/para animation), dilong (dilophosaurus animation), Siamosaurus (spinosaurus animation), Peteinosaurus (dimordactylus animation), Rutiodon (crocodile animation), sebecus (kaprosuchus animation), Pinacosaurus (ankylosaurus animation), Maiasaura (iguanodon animation) and camarasaurus (Brachiosaurus animation)


Tommy Paoli:
A new super rare herbivore gen 2.
Instantly thinks of Ankylo gen 2

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You might think right!

Finally… a common…

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If we get Utah raptor Gen 2, We can have Spinoraptor Gen 2

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Or Spinotharaptor from jwa


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@Antwan, Are you trying to make it like the Indoraptor? (Indoraptor Has Rex and raptor DNA, But they just add an extra dose of raptor DNA, and spinoraptor Has spinosaurus DNA and Utah raptor DNA, But you can add an extra does of raptor DNA for spinotahraptor.

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I’m really hoping for Spino raptor Gen 2, I’m also really hoping for Utah raptor Gen 2

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No, spinotharaptor is a hybrid of utahraptor and spinosaurus in jurassic world alive, another game made by ludia.

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Oh sorry, it’s because JW:TG’s Spino is made by fusing Utah and Spino as well, So I thought it has some extra Utah DNA

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