Edaphosaurus Tournament 5/28/2022-5/29/2022 (RARE)

Let’s continue our one day tournaments…

(From Twitter)
The second tournament is Edaphosaurus.
(RULE: Only RARE creatures)
One copy of the creature (NO UNLOCK)

I have some good Rare creatures, so I hope it’s enough to end in Dominator.



I’m all for different tournaments but no unlock really turns me off. Wonder if this is gonna be the norm now? Keeping a bunch of tournament creatures locked if you didn’t get them on release or from CoT and having to just collect singles from these tournaments and other means?


I don’t think so, it might just be because they had a tourney each not that long ago


That would be insane and would push some already considering players to quit

It’s a one day tournament so it’s not surprising there isn’t an unlock. Instead of that, if you finish in dominator in the four of them then you’ll get two copies of each plus ressources and LPs from the packs, which sounds like a bargain to me.


wait wait, what the- what is that? Have I really not been checking ludia forums that much? is that basically a “one day tournament”? with like 400 cups needed to win?

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Hopefully, they will be easy to achieve.

I think its possible for Common Tourney since the low CD.

But Super Rares,:grimacing:

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two copies isnt enough for hybrid

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That was my first fight in hatchling. :joy: :joy: :joy:

The 2nd one went back to normal

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Yes, I had a crazy one too. What? Ludia is testing us. Since then, the amount of coin prizes have been constant. I think COINS should be banned from the prize wheel. Such a downer.

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Battles in dom are lot more divers than in the Common Tournament. But so far i did not encounter s-hybrids.
Run through dom with dimetrocarnus lvl 6 and dipplosucchus lvl 15 fmf my way. This one will be the easiest for me. thanks to my many s-hybrids. The super rare will give me Problems.

Am at 600 trophies now. But no more Batterie in my Phone so Breaktime for now.

A Lot easier than yesterdays Tourney IMO, in dominator a low LvL súper hybrid and 2 fodders it’s more than enough

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I’ve just realised it’s a no unlock tourney I shouldn’t have bothered :expressionless::roll_eyes:

With FMF with the main L10 s-hybrid each battle lasts less than 1 minute (pretty easy)
I think I’ll stop here and see how it goes

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As others have said the threshold for this in terms of strength is far lower relative to what’s available when compared to yesterdays tournament. I am actually wondering if they kept the same cutoffs in terms of team strength for both tournaments?

This gave 20 trophies until upper survivor:

Next battle hunter 76, 62 Trophies (T):

Next battle hunter 22, 91 T:
Forgot to screen shot the battle match up but same team as before.

Next battle Predator 81, 123 T:

Next battle Predator 44, 160 T:

it’s possible I could have gotten away with winning with the same previous match up but would have had to get lucky with class matchup (I lost one so upped my team strength).

Next battle Predator 6, 198 T:

Which landed me in Dominator:
Lost this one:

Won this one:

But it was only worth like 33-34 trophies.

This one was only worth 32 trophies.

I have a lot of roster left above this but with the fact that the rewards are going down I will most likely stick to my team around this strength.


Such a wide variety of creature ferocity available for this tournament, it makes it easy. But as you can’t do as low an FMF strategy as usual in yhe early stages, without L1 commons, the no. of cups in the first few fights was painfully low.

Hatchling to survivor, 20 cups

Survivor 90 to 30, 21 cups

Survivor 30 to Hunter 74, 26 cups

Hunter 74 to Hunter 32, 29 cups

Hunter 32 to Predator 84, 30 cups

Predator 84 to Predator 52, 36 cups

Survived this one by the skin of my teeth


Wasn’t sure how many pics I could put in one post, so continuing in post 2

Predator 52 to Predator 21, 33 cups

Predator 21 to Dominator 97, 37 cups

Still not into the top squad of my roster at all.


This tournament seems to be an Amphibian one. Many amphibians in each battle.

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