Edaphosaurus Tournament 5/30/2022-5/31/2022 (LEGENDARY)

Im having the same issue. I put in a ticket to ludia. Im sure they will fix it soon. Im not fighting until its fixed. We better get 5000 loyalty points for this.

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They will fix it. I hate it when this happens.

Yes if you win the dominator-price and are VIP :slight_smile:
I am sure they will fix it soon.

One more thing, I noticed I was getting between 30~40 trophies each battle in hatchling

Fixed!!! Thanks Ludia! Let the battle begin!


Link to the last time this happened


Thanks for update. I was a bit disheartened when I trotted out my lowest level legendaries and was confronted with a team of 6k average ferocity.


I don’t think it’s fixed… I just shot from Hatchling (~70 trophies) all the way up to Pred (now at 96 trophies).


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Thankfully I started after this was fixed. It’s a bit strange guessing what to use and I wanted to avoid the wipeout that some people have had, so I have erred on the too high side:

So far so good.


I think I’m ok
The previous 3 tournaments ended at 370-440
Good luck everyone!


I think the previous three all ended below 400. Hoping the same for this one.

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To continue, had RL stuff to do, came back into Hunter, so got back to low Predator, then:

And into my comfort zone; Dominator worked exactly the same as usual, except you obviously couldn’t use an FMF strategy with L1 Guanlongs. But my bread-and-butter Dom fights are often 3x L20 VIPs, with which I have a 95% success rate, so I just went with that untIl I ran out, then stuck with teams of a similar ferocity

Baseline of Dominator is at 229.

This was probably the easiest tournament for me, although the Rare one was a close second. What do you think?


Pretty easy, the fodders are slowing me down cause I don’t have many low LvL legendaries. A couple lvl 1 Suchomimmus with 30min cooldown are saving me. Have many high LvL legendaries waiting for fodders cooldown and I don’t want to waste 3 powerfull dinos on each battle if it’s not necessary.

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Got it from wheel, can’t say that’s happened before


The run…
Fight 1 (Hatchling 100): 29T (what the heck was that)

Fight 2 (Survivor 83): 33T

Fight 3 (Survivor 19): 39T

Fight 4 (Hunter 64): 40T

Fight 5 (Hunter 14): 40T

Fight 6 (Predator 82): 40T

Fight 7 (Predator 55): 40T

Fight 8 (Predator 27): 40T

Fight 9 (Predator 1): 40T

Fight 10 (Dominator 91): Loss :frowning:

Fight 11 (Dominator 91): 40T

Fight 12 (Dominator 81): 33T

Fight 13 (Dominator 73): 40T

Bottom is at 309 as of this post, most likely will be around the same as the last three days in terms of bottom, I am not tracking to a specific score but this feels like it might be slightly lower than the previous days. Ferocity requirements were similar to a standard tournament once you got out of Hatchling.


One hour left


I’m glad I could get all four of the packs. I was worried it would be too time consuming, but it only took about one run for each tournament. Time to rest for a few days. Good luck everyone.


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